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One of our projects: Opportunities for investment in Argentina (BELAND)

We will be kicking off the environmental theme of this week by introducing one of our own projects, BELAND. The environment is our responsibility, and it is for this reason that innovation and development surrounding issues stemming from climate change is one of the most important challenges of our generation. Following the global health crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, our priorities as a global village have changed, witnessing change on a large scale with no previous warning, however, with climate change, the goalposts are not the same, we have time to make an impact and limit the damage. BELAND, the centre of today’s article, and also one of our own projects in Argentina, is the first intelligent recycling platform of its kind, making the act of recycling waste simple and also fun, adding a new dimension to protecting the planet.

One of the most important themes underlying the project is forward-thinking innovation, in which technology goes hand in hand with sustainability in order to protect the environment in a new way. Something we like to refer to when discussing BELAND is the idea of a vending machine, putting a stipulated amount of money into the machine in return for a snack of some kind. This may seem like an interesting analogy when we are talking about environmental issues, yet the simple act of replacing the money for plastic allows for a new dimension to be opened, taking a concept rooted into the societies of most countries across the globe and reworking it into a practical solution for recycling excess waste. The idea of technology links further with this idea through the mobile application, where the rewards can be stored and used to receive discounts in a number of commercial chains, incentivising the act of recycling and brining about a sense of validation for the act of protecting the planet for the next generation.

This importance of the next generation is also a focus of BELAND, and the idea that prizes appeal to children, in our case manifesting themselves in a moderated quantity of tasty treats as a reward for recycling plastic bottles, helps to instil a sense of pride in acting with responsibility towards the planet. This reward of a sweet is a short-term metaphor for the reward of protecting the environment that young people in the next generation will grow to understand as they take charge in the fight against the climate crisis and continue to recycle. Looking forwards to the future in another aspect is that of employment and job creation, where BELAND will serve as a catalyst for lowering the unemployment rate in Argentina, which reached 20% in December 2020. This figure clearly demonstrates the need for change, which is why we are passionately looking to be the difference and make a positive impact on the job market in the near future, especially following the pandemic and the hardships that have sent economic shockwaves through not only Argentina, but the rest of the world as well.

If you are interested in finding out more about BELAND, contact us today! We have a team of experienced global citizens working with cross-border matters and helping our clients to make their ventures a success, and we would love to be able to make you the next.



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