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How to Import in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia, Latin America’s Biggest Economies.

Did you know that making business relations overseas can be a huge opportunity for your company? That is why today we are going to bring you all the information about the 3 biggest economies in Latam for importing.

Latin America’s GDP is set to grow thanks to Latin America’s three biggest economies: Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. Those economies have become very big in importing. That’s a significant vote of confidence for the region and has caught the attention of investors and businesses worldwide.


Brazil is one of four major powerhouse economies of the world. Additionally, it is home to a great infrastructure and transportation system that facilitates trade. The country, as a whole, is very open to foreign investment regarding foreign ownership of businesses and visas.

Importing into Brazil

If you are in the agricultural industry this is a great opportunity. Given its large agricultural export sector, many organic chemicals are imported to support growth. Technologies and equipment that can help maximize the production and efficiency of this land create opportunities for those with agricultural technical expertise.

Also you would make relations to Brazil’s top import countries are China, United States, Argentina, Germany and South Korea. Top imports are machines, chemical products, refined petroleum, transportation and plastics and rubbers.


As part of MERCOSUR and home to free trade zones and special customs areas, Argentina makes an appealing import and export destination. Furthermore, investor-friendly reforms and policies make business in Argentina easier for foreign nationals and firms.

Importing into Argentina

If your company is in the mechanic market this country is for you. Argentina’s top imported products include machines (largely telephones), cars and vehicle parts, chemical products, mineral products (including refined petroleum and petroleum gas) and metals. Also you would make relations with the top import origin countries Brazil, China, United States, Germany and Mexico.

Given the free trade zones and special customs area, Argentina acts as a gateway to South America, particularly to other MERCOSUR countries. Importing products through these zones can save on tariffs costs.


Colombia’s top imports are machines (high percentage broadcasting equipment), chemical products, transportation, mineral products and metals so if your company is in any of these categories it would be a great opportunity. Also you would make relations with the top countries for Colombian imports are the United States, China, Mexico, Brazil and Germany.

Importation into colombia

The importation of technology and equipment that supports the Colombian agricultural sector has potential. The Colombian government also offers subsidies on the importation of agricultural equipment. Technology and knowledge transfer will further develop the agriculture sector, leading to opportunities for countries with expertise in this area.

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