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Argentina: 6 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate.

Today, many people seek to invest their money in real estate, because it is almost always a safe investment and does not require a lot of effort. One of the reasons why a property is acquired is to rent it, or wait for its price to increase and soon be able to sell it. Or, remodel a property or build on land to sell or rent it in the same way.

Six (6) reasons to invest in Real Estate in Argentina:

1. To ensure a successful retirement. the retirement that the government offers is not enough to cover all our needs, so the best option is to invest in a property to obtain additional income thanks to the value of the monthly rent.

2. It is more convenient than saving, since the interest rate in a savings account may not be very high and depends on the national economic situation.

3. It is less risky than investing in stocks on the stock market, or in metals such as gold or silver, since unlike these, the value of a property does not change drastically, but it always increases over time.

4. Local currencies may be worth less in times of crisis, however, properties are valued in dollars.

5. You can take advantage of auction prices up to 50% of their value. This happens when the property is secured by a bank loan, which, as it is not fully covered, the property is seized and the bank to recover its investment finishes the property.

6. You don't need to be a real estate expert. However, it is advisable to attend with a professional advisor. In this way, problems can be avoided due to not knowing certain legal and / or notarial aspects, among other factors that, if not considered, could put the investment at risk. Also, an advisor can help you get the most out of your property by training you to have tax-free cash flow, as well as reducing taxes from other sources of income.

The economic policies promoted in the first months of this Government are invigorating the Real Estate market, giving it more protection and predictability, beginning to admit a medium and long-term vision. These macroeconomic measures are encouraging investment. The climate is good for investment and property acquisition. The present scenario poses an interesting revaluation in the future and with a low danger, given the predictability that the market is acquiring. The projections are very encouraging. Expectations from business and private investment are very optimistic.

The real estate sector allows generating volume operations in physical and tangible assets. At the same time, the acquisition prices are really very attractive, since there is a delay in comparables in the region.

The inflow of foreign currency that will be given to the different industries begins to motorize construction and will lead to the launch of new products both in the City of Buenos Aires and in the main cities of the country.

The premium market is competitive compared to other cities in Latin America, and this generates that investment funds are interested in adding square meters in areas such as Puerto Madero and the historic center in the office segment.

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