We will provide you with the best alternatives for mining cryptocurrencies. We will focus on a competitive price of energy as well as the necessary availability, we will advise you on the best machines to buy and the best place to do it.


We will give you all the tools and the accompaniment so that you can obtain the best profits in the cryptocurrency industry. We will understand your needs and your investor profile to create a plan Taylor-made for you.

How we work

You can schedule a call to talk with us. You will have two options, a free 15-minute call, where if you already know the specific service you need from us, you can choose this option.

On the other hand, if you need to talk with our advisors, we recommend you choose the 45-minute option, where we will be able to understand your needs deeply and give you a Taylor-made action plan.


We offer holistic, legal strategies to successful entrepreneurs and investors to reduce their tax bill, grow wealth overseas, and become global citizens.

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Immigration Services

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We can help you

Our group is dedicated to providing excellent immigration services. We know how to help you to expand your company to another country.
Including, assisting you and your family move for work, investments and logistics.

Legal & Tax Solutions

We will provide you with the best legal and tax structures, as well as the best places for your bank accounts, where you can get the maximum possible profits for your business while paying the least amount of taxes legally.

Investment Planning

Here you can find a way to improve your incomes, reduce tax bills and grow wealth overseas. We are the right partner to develop your business potential, enhance your performance, innovate and sustain growth worldwide.

Make the most of immigration.
the market overseas.




If you do not want to spend years of your life living in a country to obtain citizenship, there are countries that offer it by making a contribution to the government from $100,000 or buying real estate to develop the local economy.

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We will find the best residences that suit your needs and your lifestyle. Many countries open their doors to entrepreneurs, investors and digital nomads, and we will find the best one for you.

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Emerging and frontier markets are often uncorrelated with developed markets, giving you a hedge against future recessions. Planting flags via investment will also diversify your

life and freedom across borders.

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Who we serve



Digital nomads


You have a pre-tax income of $500,000 or more and/or net worth of $1 million or more running a business in consulting, Amazon FBA, e-commerce, SAAS, affiliate marketing, content creators, or anything location independent.

You work remotely as a freelancer or for a company with an annual income starting from $60,000, and you have the possibility to travel the world and obtain better conditions in your lifestyle.

You make $500,000 or more and/or have $1 million portfolio buying, trading, or holding location independent investments such as Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, stocks and bonds, or forex and want to lower your taxes with a better lifestyle.


Sam Cardon, United States

Working with the team at Creimerman has been a wonderful experience.

Everyone there has shown themselves to be extremely skilled at what they do and has quickly solved anything that has come up.

i can not imagine being able to move overseas and start a business here without them.