Citizenship by investment programs offer families the opportunity to acquire an alternative citizenship to their original one, this citizenship grants them the right to be able to travel freely and settle in another country. More than 100 countries around the world have some legislation on the possibility of migration for investment. Of these 100, around 30 citizenship/investment residencies are successfully executed, many of which we advise at Creimerman.

More than ever before, people with a high economic level,

seek citizenship options as the most effective way to

access opportunities never before imagined. Listed below

are the citizenships that, within Creimerman, we recommend

and work.

Key Benefits

Greater Financial &
Investment Options

Increase Visa-Free

Economic & Political

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A Second Home


Reduce Taxes

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Healthcare Benefits


European Citizenship


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Austria holds one of the top 5 passports in the world. To access their citizenship, prospective investors are required to make a large donation to the government economy.


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Citizenship by Naturalization for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment. This process offers the most stringent due diligence and verification standards in the world.


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Montenegro's Citizenship by Investment Program provides increased global mobility with visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 123 destinations.


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In a country that offers diversity in its culture and landscapes, a citizenship by investment can be acquired from US$510,000.


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The Türkiye Citizenship by Investment Program provides citizenship of a country with links to Asia and Europe and access to markets in both regions. The minimum investment is $400,000.

North Macedonia

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North Macedonia offers foreign citizens the opportunity to acquire citizenship of this country in South-East Europe, for an investment of EUR 200,000.

American Citizenship


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Argentina is the best known country in South America for its extensive agricultural and meat market, offering citizenship to those interested after staying in the country for a minimum of 2 years.


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In Brazil, after your 4 years period have passed, the resident can apply for citizenship, with some specific requirements.


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Foreign citizens can apply for citizenship after living in Canada for at least 3 years, maintaining permanent residence and demonstrating command of the English or French language.


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In Chile, where the maritime market is one of the pillars of the economy, it is possible to apply for citizenship after living in the country for 5 years.


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This tropical country, located in the north of South America and known for the coffee market that characterizes their culture, offers its citizenship after being in it for 5 years.


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Ecuador offers one of the most competitive citizenships, since while in other countries you have to wait 5 years, in Ecuador, after being a resident for three years, you can apply for citizenship.


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This country, known for its Real State options and for being the second strongest economy in LATAM, offers Citizenship after living 5 years in it. 


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In one of the best countries in Central America to live, Panama offers the option of obtaining citizenship after 5 years of residence.


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Citizenship in Paraguay can be obtained after 3 years of having residence, without having to be living in the country. With the benefit of a tax reduction.


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If adventures is your hobbie, Peru offers its citizenship after 2 years of residence. Offering a country full of diversity and easily access to all South America.

United States

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To obtain citizenship in the US, you must first have the EB-5 Investors Visa residency, after a few years, and having obtained the Green Card, you can apply for citizenship.


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Citizenship in Uruguay can be obtained within 3 to 5 years, depending on whether you have a family or not. But always proving you have roots in the country.

Antigua and Barbuda

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Antigua and Barbuda has one of the most competitive investment citizenships in the entire Caribbean. Options start from USD 100,000.

St. Kitts and Nevis

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St. Kitts and Nevis brings with it one of the strongest passports among all Caribbean citizenship-by-investment programs. A donation of USD 150,000 is required.


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Dominica offers a very attractive citizenship program with a real estate option. The required contributions start from USD 100,000.

St. Lucia

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Saint Lucia's Citizenship by Investment Program offers a real estate development option and guarantees visa-free access to 146 destinations. A donation of USD 100,000 is required.


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Grenada has the only Caribbean citizenship program that also has an E-2 investor visa treaty with the US, allowing citizens to be eligible to apply for a nonimmigrant visa.

Asian and Pacific Citizenship


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Australia's Citizenship by Investment Program ensures you can live in one of the safest countries, with one of the fastest growing economies and with low taxes.


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This country has one of the fastest citizenships in the world, in which with an investment of US$130,000 and waiting a month, citizenship is delivered to the investor.

Caribbean Citizenship

Middle Eastern Citizenship


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Jordan's citizenship program grants investors access to a business-friendly location and citizenship of this Arab country for an investment of $750,000.

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