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US: Why this is the place to be for digital nomads

We are starting this week in the same country we left off in last Thursday, the United States. It comes as no surprise that such a large nation with an equally large prominence on the global stage in a plethora of markets exhibits limitless potential for investors, workers and relocators from across the globe. Today we will be looking at digital nomads, specifically, how the US presents itself as one of the top options for remote workers from all corners of the world, not just the benefits to be found from relocating, but also how the nation is providing incentives for this category of worker to attract new digital nomads to the region.

If you are unsure as to what a digital nomad is, we will clear this up now. Essentially, it is a remote worker, with no fixed physical workplace, permitting freedom of movement while also allowing them to remain productive in their work. This sort of worker will use their computer or phone to undertake the majority of their daily tasks, allowing them to work wherever, as long as at the end of the day they are able to connect to the internet. This is an increasingly popular lifestyle, especially following the pandemic, because our desire for change has never been tested as much as this past year. Now, borders are reopening, and just today, the borders between the US and UK have reopened, rejuvenating one of the most important links in the Western world, and facilitating flows of people steadily climbing to pre-pandemic levels once again. This global reopening and relaxation of legislation could be what you need to take the plunge into the digital nomad way of living, and perhaps the following information will make the US your top choice.

We will start with the three visa types that allow different types of people to gain legal employment rights within the US, acting as a springboard to digital nomad status.

H Visas: The umbrella term for work visas in the US, there are different sub-categories depending on your qualifications and educational background. In terms of becoming a digital nomad, this is most likely the base level visa you could apply for to try and work in the US in this fashion.

I Visas: This is an interesting option, visas for foreign press and media. This means that if you work for a media company overseas, application for this visa type is allowed, and would grant you the opportunity to not only live, but also work, in the US. Many digital nomads have a job reliant on sharing content with audiences online, and so those of you who are already involved in journalism or media can access the US digital nomad scene under this category.

O Visas: This final option is more comparable to an artist or special talent visa. This, while less accessible as it depends on some external recognition of your expertise, presents the best opportunity for integrating yourself into the digital nomad lifestyle. This visa covers almost all fields and so the net is cast rather wide for professionals who are high up and well-recognised in their field and looking to access US markets for work and residency.

If you do find that you qualify for one of the above visas and after some time, end up in the US, you may be wondering what the actual benefits are of relocating there to become a digital nomad. Do not panic, there are plenty of reasons to support this choice, including that the US is a huge country, providing endless locations to explore and work from, which, for a digital nomad, is a huge plus. As well as this, the US has a massive ‘roaming economy’, this is to say, the number of businesses equipped to deal with people making money on the move, and also the people who are actually doing it, is booming. To take some prominent examples, Airbnb and Uber are some corporations that span the nation (and the globe), yet within the US specifically, permit the short-term and often spontaneous travel and accommodation plans of digital nomads, leaving you secure in the thought that a roof over your head is never far away.

If you want to establish yourself as a digital nomad in the US and have any questions, please feel free to contact us today. At Creimerman, our team of global citizens provide a bespoke service to our clients, and we would love to explore your opportunities in the US and be by your side on your personal and professional journey.


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