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Types of Permanent Residency in Brazil

In Brazil, only permanent visas (Visto de permanência) are granted with strict conditions to the Law and the application process includes a great bureaucratic effort.

There are seven cases where a foreigner can apply for permanent residence in Brazil, we will explain them below:

CEO or Administrator of a Start-up Company

A start-up company is a non-Brazilian company that has had business outside of Brazil for the past five years prior to the application. To set up the company, you must grant a power of attorney to your new legal representative in Brazil.

Companies can request up to a maximum of three visas to be issued requested for two years. After this margin, the company must meet the requirements, for example, demonstrate that it has created 10 jobs for Brazilians.

CEO or Administrator of a Corporation

This type of visa is intended for administrators, managers or directors who plan to accept a position as executives in a Brazilian company. The alien or the host company must prove that they have invested a minimum amount of $ 200,000 per applicant. Furthermore, the Brazilian company has to demonstrate the technical and social advantages that it will achieve by hiring the new executive.


You can also receive a permanent visa if you invest a minimum of $ 50,000 in production activities or invitations less money, but you employ 10 Brazilians. You have to submit your financial and investment plan. This visa can be changed for five years and can be changed for a work permit if the foreigner can demonstrate that the plan has been fulfilled.

In these three cases, the request must be at the Brazilian Ministry of Labor (Ministérido do Trabalho e Emprego). Once the request has been made, all other procedures must be done at the embassy or consulate of your country.

As a senior researcher or professional specialist

To apply for this visa, you must submit a document from a Brazilian research institution indicating your interest in your services as a researcher. In addition, the applicant has to submit their CV, academic references and diplomas.

Due to the birth of a child in Brazil

If your child is Brazilian, you can apply for a permanent visa at the Ministry of Justice (through the offices of the Federal Police) or at the embassy or consulate in your country. The child must be financially dependent on the applicant and under their guardianship.

Permanent family visa

A permanent visa can also cover the applicant's dependent relatives, such as the spouse, children under the age of 21 (or 24 if they are pursuing higher education) or their parents. Family members will receive the same visa as the applicant.

However, remember that the applicant's relatives cannot obtain work permits in Brazil. In this case, you should ask to consult a professional counselor to help you with the request of the people in your charge.

Pensioner / Retired

If you are a foreign retiree with a monthly income of more than $ 2,000, you are entitled to a permanent visa in Brazil. You can also receive a visa for two people at your expense if you can demonstrate a minimum additional income of $ 1,000 each.

You must apply for this visa at the Brazilian embassy or consulate by submitting a statement from the organization responsible for your pension and another statement from the bank that shows a monthly income of $ 2,000.

As the spouse of a Brazilian citizen

If you marry a Brazilian citizen, you can apply for permanent residence at the Ministry of Justice through the offices of the Federal Police or at the Brazilian embassy or consulate of your country. You have to deliver the marriage certificate and a statement from the witnesses. Prepare for a possible surprise visit from immigration officials who want to ensure the union is not fictitious to get residency.

Immigration Attorneys

Applying for a visa in Brazil can be a long and complicated process. It includes a number of documents that must be certified by official institutions, so it is almost impossible not to consult with Brazilian experts attorneys.

That is why our team at Creimerman Law is made up of Brazilian lawyers who can make your immigration and legal universe easier.



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