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Turkey: One of the most exciting citizenship by investment programs in the world

Continuing with our theme of citizenship by investment, we’ll be moving over to Turkey today to look into an option unlike any of the others that we’ve shared so far.

Turkey is located half in Europe and half in Asia, making its geographical status quite interesting as the dual occupation of continents isn’t something we see every day. The eastern Mediterranean nation bisects numerous regions including the Balkans and Middle East and is actually quite large in terms of land mass, meaning that as far as citizenship by investment goes, the choice of relocation for towns and cities is much larger than in some of the other island nations we’ve explored previously.

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Why Turkey?

The programme began in 2016 and since then has opened up the pathway to residency for investors across the world.

What are the steps?

Let’s start with a brief list of the options for investment because this is always the first step

in a process like this, basically because being organised at the start should help avoid and potential issues further down the line:

- Invest US$250,000 in real estate

- Invest at least US$500,000 as a fixed capital contribution

- Deposit US$500,000 into a Turkish bank account

- Pledge US$500,000 into government bonds

- US$500,000 into a real estate investment fund share or venture capital investment fund share

- Create 50 jobs as proven by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services

Once you have decided on the option you wish to follow, you will need to open a Turkish bank account, fill in application forms and have them translated. This then leads to a 6- month maximum review period in which you may have to complete an interview.

If successful, you will be granted your citizenship papers and then can get underway with

your passport application form!

Are there any benefits for me?

Aside from some of the larger advantages such as being able to relocate to a beautiful climate or exploring a richly diverse culture providing limitless opportunities for exploration and adventure, some of the other benefits of this scheme include:

1. Potential for residency application to the United States through the E-2 Visa treaty

2. Short application process, 2 to 3 months with lifetime citizenship available after 6


3. There is no period of minimum residency required of you

Additionally, it is very likely that Turkish passport holders will soon be granted visa free access to the EU Schengen area as well as 125 other countries across the globe already permitted. It definitely seems like a worthwhile investment with a rich cultural history and beautiful scenery, as well as close proximity to many other countries to explore!

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