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Citisenzhip in Chile: the step by step for the Passport and Nationality

Chile is characterized by being one of the most stable countries located in South America, where annual inflation is not exacerbated compared to the rest of its neighboring countries. Besides, given the increasing creation of companies that have been seen in recent times, job opportunities grew in parallel.

The Chilean government, at the same time, supports policies that seek to encourage entrepreneurs to create their own business, making Chile a truly fertile ground for those seeking to grow in the workplace.

In addition to the possibilities of getting a job, there is the ease of finding rents in apartments or houses, at a very affordable price if we compare it with the minimum wage paid in Chile.

So, with a small review of the economic stability that Chile grants to those who decide to start their life in the territory, the question that arises is: What are the benefits of obtaining Chilean nationality?

Before introducing you to all the information related to Chile, if you are considering options for citizenships or residencies to relocate in a different country contact us!. Our specialized team can help you with all your concerns. Click here.

After obtaining Chilean nationality through the steps that I will explain below, you will be able to enjoy all the subsidies that the State gives to Chileans, in addition to being able to participate in public elections, run for public office and have more opportunities in the place of private work.

The procedure to follow, if there is adequate support for the control of the documentation, may take 90 days and one year from the date of presentation of the nationalization application.

Another benefit to highlight is the acceptance by the Chilean government of dual nationality, so that once Chilean nationality is obtained, the nationality of origin is not lost.

Now, the eight steps to follow:

1- Receive adequate advice to know the modalities of acquisition of nationality, and with it the corresponding requirements.

What are these modalities?


Every person born within the national territory acquires Chilean nationality at the time of their birth, except for children born to persons in the service of a foreign government in Chile -such as diplomats-, and children whose parents do not reside in the country -These children also have the option of acquiring nationality.


Under this modality, the children of a Chilean father or mother receive nationality, even if they were born in foreign or international territory. It is necessary that one of your ascendants in a straight line in the first or second degree, parents or grandparents, have acquired nationality by territoriality, by Letter of Nationalization or by special grace.

The birth registration of the children of Chileans born abroad may be carried out before the Chilean consulate that is determined, if it is abroad, or before the Civil Registry and Identification Service, if they are in Chile.

Nationalization by letter

The Letter of Nationalization is materialized in an Exempt Decree signed by the Minister of the Interior by order of the President of the Republic.

It may be granted to those who have reached 18 years of age who have resided in Chile for five or more years - counting from the stamping of the visa that gave rise to the Definitive Permanence that it maintains -, and who are holders of definitive Permanence.

Children of 14-year-old foreigners who meet the aforementioned requirements for 18-year-olds can also request a Letter of Nationalization, in addition to needing a notarized authorization from their father, mother or whoever is in charge of their personal care - they must present a legal document granting such care.

Nationalization by the grace of law

It is the nationality benefit granted by the National Congress to those foreigners who have rendered significant services and contributions to the Republic of Chile.

2- Provide your advisor with the necessary background information

Our team undertakes to go to other public institutions, such as the consulate of your country or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile to obtain the documentation that proves the reasons for which they can authorize you to obtain nationality.

3- Send your request

You will obtain a Unique Code to start the corresponding process, for example, with the "Request for a Letter of Nationalization". From this moment on, the deadline to reach the last step can be from 90 days to a year.

4- Go to the interview with the Investigative Police

Once the request is received, the Chilean Investigative Police will make an appointment for a personal interview, so it is advisable not to leave the country during the processing of your request and if you do, inform your advisor to attend to it. to communicate it to the Investigative Police.

5- Receive notification of the status of your process

After analysis of your application, you will be notified by mail if it was approved, filed or if you need to submit additional information.

6- Pay the tax

In the event of a favorable application rating, you will receive by mail your preliminary order and instructions for submitting the updated Special Purpose Background Certificate. Fees must be paid at a nearby bank or ServiEstado.

7- Receive the decree that will grant you nationality

A copy of the fully processed Exempt Decree will be sent to your address. This copy will be essential to be able to conclude with the treatment before a last step:

8- Request your ID

In possession of a copy of the Exempt Decree, go to the nearest Civil Registry and Identification Service office and request your Identity Card and passport.

As you can see, the steps seem simple and concrete, and they will be results quickly if you have a team like Creimerman to accompany you in all your doubts. Also, we will avoid any inconvenience in the process as a result of our knowledge and experience in South American laws.

So, if you are interested in finding out more about Chile, contact us today! Below this article you will find a link to set up a free fifteen-minute consultation with us to discuss your options further.

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