• Creimerman Product Team

The Guide to get a Non-profit Residency in Spain

Spain is one of the best countries to live in. A totally pleasant climate, landscapes and dream places, an unmatched human quality and a unique culture, are some of the many factors that make the Spanish territory the most suitable option for those foreigners who are considering living in another country for a while.

What is the most suitable residence permit or visa?

If you have sufficient funds and are not thinking of doing any type of economic activity, the non-profit residence visa is the best option for you.

The Non-profit residence is a legal authorization that allows foreigners to stay in Spain and move freely through any of the EU countries, for an initial period of one year without carrying out work or professional activities, demonstrating that they have sufficient financial means. for himself and, where appropriate, members of his family.

Also, the first and second renewal of the non-profit residence authorization has a duration of 2 years. At the time of the third renewal, a long-term residence can be requested, which in that case could be for an indefinite period, although the foreigner's identity card that proves the type of residence must be renewed every 5 years.

What are the advantages of this type of residence?

  • The applicant does not depend on another person to obtain it: he does not have to depend on an employer who wants to hire him or on having a relative who can regroup him.

  • There is the possibility of settling in Spain directly with their relatives: this residence can be granted simultaneously to both the applicant and the members of their family if they show that they have sufficient financial means for all of them.

  • The time spent in Spain with the non-profit residence is computed to obtain Spanish nationality by residence: it constitutes one of the most important advantages, since, in addition to allowing you to live legally in Spanish territory, it gives you the possibility of obtaining your Spanish nationality from the roots.

Besides, about Latin American citizens, it should be noted that with only 2 years of residence they can already opt for Spanish nationality, that is, the general rule of 10 years to request it does not apply.

  • It does not require an expense or an investment in the Spanish economy, like the Golden Visa; or prepaying for a course of study, as in the case of a student visa.

The foreigner is obliged to have sufficient financial means, but only to prove his maintenance and stay so that he does not constitute an economic burden for the Spanish State.

  • Allows you to study and carry out university internships, including paid ones: foreigners who have a non-profit residence in Spain, despite not being able to work, can perfectly carry out university internships.

  • The funds that will be transferred to a bank account in Spain will not be "frozen" as, for example, in the case of investment for the Golden Visa application, but they will be available free of charge during the stay in Spain.

  • After the first year of residence, there is the possibility of modifying the authorization towards a work permit if you have a professional project.

  • It allows you to travel to all the countries of the Schengen area without a visa during its validity period.

  • It allows economic activities in other countries: although the temporary non-profit residence permit prevents working in Spain, it does allow the foreigner to continue developing certain economic activities in other countries, as long as it does not force the foreigner to constantly leave Spanish territory. , that is, it does not affect your residence in Spain.