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The four worst countries in the world for digital nomads.

Depending on where you are in the world, working as a digital nomad can be a dream come true or, it can be one vexing challenge after another. From shaky technology to physical hardships, a range of factors can determine whether a place is great for remote work, or among the worst countries for digital nomads.

Today we are going to help you in the decision of where to develop this opportunity. Here we are going to provide you all the tips so you know which countries you have to cross out of your list.


It is possible to be a digital nomad working in Gabon, but it is not easy. Since this is one of the least developed countries in the world, with a low GDP, a high poverty rate and very little infrastructure. This Central African country has made the list of cross over due to numerous Internet connectivity outages over the past year. With a mere 1.9 Mbps speed, the country continues with slow internet speeds and disruptive connections, so it is best to avoid it as a digital nomad.


In general, you are allowed to be a digital nomad in Yemen, but there are a few things to keep in mind. This middle east eastern county is a safe place for you to travel and live, but it is also a country with many problems. First of all it has serious political problems, it has a very unstable government which has led to a civil war that has been going on for more than four decades. On the economic side it is one of the poorest countries in the Middle East having a very low GDP. In addition to this it has social problems due to high differences between the social classes. So as you can see the county presents huge economical, political and social issues that aren't going to make your life as a digital nomad any easier.

The main problem they face is their lack of technological resources. They are ranked as the country with the worst internet speed in the world at 1.3 Mbps. The government manages the Internet connectivity in the country, which explains to a great extent why this country has such poor connectivity. In addition to this, the technologies used by the telecommunications industry are archaic, they were not developed for data transfer. Nowadays, the country does not have the means to upgrade , so the Internet is quite overpriced in the country, forcing you to pay a high price for digital connectivity.


In just a few years, Egypt has gone from a nation struggling with political and civil instability to a rapidly growing economy that is a major business center throughout the Middle East. Unfortunately, this country still poses several barriers to digital nomads. First of all, there is the language barrier, as all labor and social documentation in the country is in Arabic making it difficult to get a job if you don't know this language. It is also a very complicated country for women, being one of the most patriarchal cultures in the world, to the point that for being a woman you will be ignored even in simple tasks such as ordering food.It also has a high degree of corruption, generating continuous political and social issues.

They are also lagging behind in renewing the digital world. Egypt has one of the slowest Internet speeds, but to be fair, there are many other countries in Asia that have such slow speeds, such as India and Bangladesh, but these countries are working harder to improve their broadband connectivity. Meanwhile, Egypt is falling apart due to the current bad situation in the country. This is a terrible outcome for a country that presumes to have a tech-savvy population. As a digital nomad this is a crucial factor to consider because the lack of technology development is going to retain your work.


The last country to cross off your list is Venezuela. This is a country located in South America known for its major social and economic problems. From the economic side you will suffer from a high level of inflation to multiple national scams. At the same time its currency is very weak so when you earn in your salary you will be losing money. It is also a country where you will suffer a lot of insecurity since it has a high level of crime making it a place that is not safe to live.

Venezuela is the second country in the world with the lowest speed rate, with 1.6 Mbps. The reason it is in this ranking is that they have not shown any signs of improvement in their technological development for many consecutive years. In fact, the Venezuelan government artificially maintains artificially low Internet speeds to reduce expenses and government costs.

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