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The complete guide to obtaining Permanent Residency in Mexico

In recent times, the idea of ​​living in Mexico has spread as a result of the advantages that this country has seen, either for the value of money, the quality of life, and the tranquility that dominates many of its cities.

We deserve to highlight the possibility of growth due to the characteristics of its industries and commerce; because of the low cost of living; and because it is a country that is indisputably open to foreign investment.

Specifically, for those who seek to invest in the country while residing there, the tourist flow increases every year, mainly in the Riviera Maya, where Tulum and Playa del Carmen are located, places that are admired nationally and internationally.

The panorama that this country presents has caused more and more companies and franchises to come to Mexico creating new jobs and opening more possibilities for its residents, which allows us to consider this country as an opportunity to start over and even start the business that you always dreamed of.

Now, once you have decided on this destination as the next place to reside, you should know that if the period of stay is greater than 180 days and less than 4 years, it is mandatory to process a Temporary Residency visa.

If the intention is to stay in Mexico for more than 4 years, you must apply for a Permanent Residency visa, which allows foreigners to stay indefinitely in Mexico and participate in lucrative activities in the country.

The Permanent Residency, once the corresponding procedure has been carried out, does not require renewals –only for minors-, and is a prior step to Mexican naturalization.

Among its benefits are the right to work without the need to request a permit from the immigration offices, the possibility of applying for social security, and unlimited entry and exit from the country.

What does it take to be awarded?

It can be acquired after 4 years under a temporary residence status, or also by other means:

• Point systems: To bring specialized professionals and technicians, foreigners can acquire the characteristic of Permanent Resident by complying with a scoring system in education and work experience.

• Family bond - parents, minor children, siblings, partners, minor stepchildren - with a Mexican or foreign person who has the status of Permanent Resident or holder of a Permanent Residency visa. In the case of spouses, common-law partners, or common-law partners, they will be documented with a Temporary Residency visa, which they must maintain for 2 years and thus later request the National Migration Institute (INM) for the permanent resident card.

In addition to complying with this, among the requirements that have been met throughout the process, there is: the presentation of the passport and a photograph; be nationals of the country in which they apply for the visa or prove legal stay; the verification of financial solvency through a letter from the bank or financial institution that proves that it has investment or savings funds and, the account statements of at least the last 12 months. In turn, the payment of the corresponding rights must be covered in the form and amount indicated by the Federal Rights Law.

How is the process?

The process of obtaining residency begins with an interview at the Consulate of Mexico in your country of origin, where after having received the documents, the consul grants the foreigner the pre-visa, which he must show when entering the country.

Once you are in the destination country, you have 30 calendar days from the day of entry to exchange that pre-visa at the INM office for your temporary or permanent residency.

It is recommended to carry out this type of procedure through specialists in the field who can help in case of any inconvenience that may arise, that is why Creimerman Law Team ensures knowledge of the laws of the place, the resolutions that the immigration authority may determine and that the process is as agile as possible.



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