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Tax heaven countries for vegans

Have you ever wanted to move to another country but were worried about the food culture? This happens to vegans all the time. Fortunately, with the growing understanding of sustainability and awareness of the benefits of veganism, the availability of vegan food has increased exponentially. Unfortunately, not many countries are capitalising on this resource, leaving many vegans struggling to find a suitable place to eat.

If you’re vegan, you probably want to move to some of the most vegan-friendly countries in the world. You will also want these places to be some of the most tax-friendly countries as well.

To make your search simpler, we have created a list of the most vegan-friendly countries to make your decision easier for you.


Home to many different cultures and cuisines, Malaysia is an extremely diverse country. Malaysia is home to a wide variety of East Asian cultures, most of which are vegan.

The vegan capital of the world is Kuala Lumpur. Authentic Indian cuisine is found here. Indian food is not only delicious, but also offers many vegan and vegetarian options due to the restrictive diets that Indians follow.

In Kuala Lumpur alone, there are more than 200 vegan restaurants. The tropical climate, abundant wildlife and beautiful beaches make Malaysia one of the most vegan-friendly countries in the world. It also means that if you live there, you'll never get bored of the country. Another plus is that Malaysia is among the most developed countries in the region.

It is also quite easy to move to Malaysia. The only major requirement for a residency permit is to have around US$70,000 in the bank. This amount is halved if you are over the age of 50. Malaysia also requires a monthly income of US$2,500 or more.

Malaysia has a territorial system of income tax. This means that the government can tax your local economic activities if you are resident there. For example, your foreign source income will not be taxed, but if you buy an apartment and rent it out, it would be taxable.


Thailand also ranks high on the list of vegan-friendly countries. Thailand has nearly 2,000 vegan restaurants, with 500 in Bangkok alone.

A large expatriate population also lives in Thailand. The different cultures have brought their own unique cuisines with them. Many of these cuisines offer vegan friendly options. Thai culture is also very open to the vegan diet. Several local favorites also offer vegan options.

As such, Thailand is used as a gateway for investment in its smaller neighbors, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. Another advantage of Thailand's geographical location is that it can be used as a transport hub. All this benefits the Thai property market.

Like Malaysia, Thailand has a territorial tax system. This means that only income earned in Thailand is subject to tax.

United Arab Emirates

Admittedly, you would not think of the UAE as one of the most vegan-friendly countries in the world. However, the country's large Indian population has brought its cuisine with it. The UAE has an abundance of Indian restaurants. There are many vegan-friendly dishes in Indian cuisine. The UAE is also a Muslim country. This is an added advantage for vegans as most Muslim cuisines also have vegan options readily available.

Although Malaysia and Thailand are the lowest taxed countries in the world, the UAE surpasses them by being completely tax free. It has a corporate tax rate of 0%. One of the main reasons a country chooses to tax this is to encourage people to start up. Entrepreneurs have income from other sources and they do not have a need for tax revenue.

There is a direct route to residency for entrepreneurial investors in the UAE. This means that if you are an entrepreneur or an investor, you do not have to worry about getting a visa. Establishing your business in the UAE is all you need to do. That allows you to live and enjoy your lifestyle in one of the most vegan-friendly countries.

The UAE is a good middle ground between Eastern and Western cultures, even if you are reluctant to move to an Arab country. It is a cultural hub where many expats live and English is widely spoken.


With people from many different cultures living side by side, Singapore is also a popular destination for expatriates. Its diversity is reflected in the country's four official languages. Immigration helped Singapore become one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

Due to the country's global popularity, there are many expatriates in Singapore. Many different cultures from all over the world have come to live in Singapore. Immigrants bring their recipes with them for use at home. To showcase their regional cuisines, many immigrants have also opened restaurants.

Recently, veganism as a healthier lifestyle has become more popular among Singaporeans. This can be seen in the growing number of vegan eateries across the country. Some of these now offer vegan options as well. Others, in response to the growing demand for vegan food, have adapted their recipes and menus.

As you can see, Singapore is one of the most vegan-friendly countries and has some of the best tax breaks. This is also one of the most peaceful countries in the world. It has zero net debt, one of the freest economies in the world and some of the most stable and secure banks. Singapore is better at taxing personal income than it is at taxing corporate income.


Switzerland is the only European country on this list. So, it makes sense to consider moving to Switzerland if you’re looking for a vegan-friendly place in Europe to live in. Almost one-third of the Swiss are getting rid of meat from their diets. As a result, one of the largest grocery chains in Switzerland adopted a 100% vegan line. Switzerland also has many vegan restaurants.

The only European country on this list is Switzerland. So it makes sense to consider moving to Switzerland if you are looking for a vegan-friendly place to live in Europe.As a result, one of the largest supermarket chains in Switzerland has introduced a 100% vegan line. As a good example, one of the largest supermarket chains in Switzerland has introduced a 100% vegan line. Switzerland also has many vegan restaurants.

Switzerland has a complex tax system. There are three levels: federal, cantonal and municipal. The federal level is a progressive marginal tax system. As a resident or citizen, you are taxed on your worldwide income. After deduction of foreign withholding taxes, however, income from abroad is not taxed.

This country is then divided into 26 separate and independent cantons, each of which has its own taxing system. The tax system is different in each canton. If you want to pay less, you can choose to live in a lower-taxed canton.

For wealthy people who want to live in Switzerland but not work there, Switzerland also offers a tax holiday. This allows wealthy people to benefit from Switzerland's flat-rate tax system and is an attractive option. Their foreign income is not taxed and they pay a fixed amount of tax. The advantage of the flat tax is that his taxable income is much lower than his actual worldwide income and assets, rather than having special tax rates.

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