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Sri Lanka, Taiwan, UAE: The best countries in Asia to obtain a Digital Nomad Visa.

By being a digital nomad you are privileged to be able to live and work all over the world from your laptops. But, due to immigration rules, there is a limit to the amount of time you can spend in each country. What if you want to stay longer? In this article we’ll explore the 3 easiest digital nomads visa to obtain in Asia.

To obtain this opportunity , there are several options of countries to choose from, let's see what they deal with in more depth.

Sri Lanka

While Sri Lanka is commonly hailed as one of the world’s best destinations for digital nomads, it technically doesn’t have a digital nomad visa. We don’t encourage doing so but let’s tell you where the catch is. The island has tourist visas with generously extended validity. So you can have a Tourist visa extension for up to 270 days. Also A 30-90 days extension can be done online for some countries.

  • Fees: $150 for 90-180 day extension, $200 for 180-270 day extension

  • Internet fixed speed: 31.67 Mbps / Mobile: 25.9 Mbps


Taiwan offers a four-in-one card: the Taiwan Employment Gold Card. The card combines an open-ended work permit, resident visa, alien resident certificate, and a re-entry permit.Taiwan is an attractive country for digital nomads thanks to its favorable tax policies and its good Internet infrastructure. Taiwan has one of the most liberal immigration policies in the world and allows foreigners to enter its low-taxed, high-autonomy business region known as the Free Trade Zone.

  • Fees: $100 to $310

  • Duration: 1 to 3 years

  • Internet fixed speed: 177 Mbps / Mobile: 111 Mbps

Requirements include:

  • Undergo assessment of the applicant’s professional skills

  • Passport and photo

  • Provide additional documents based on the skill applied under


Dubai of the United Arab Emirates launched its one-year virtual working program for digital nomads.T he program is designed for people who live and work outside the UAE, start-ups, and entrepreneurs who meet the eligibility criteria. One of the many perks of living in the United Arab Emirates, particularly living in Dubai, is that it’s one of the countries with no income tax.

  • Fees: $287

  • Duration: 1 year

  • Internet fixed speed: 187.7 Mbps / Mobile: 245 Mbps

Requirements include:

  • Prove a monthly income of €5,000 for the last 3 months

  • Provide proof of employment with a contract valid for one year from your current employer, or provide proof of ownership of the applicant’s company for one year or more

  • Provide the salary slip for the last month and bank statements for the preceding three months, or provide proof of the applicant’s ownership of the company for one year or more

The fees above don’t include the cost of medical insurance valid in the UAE.

These are all interesting and exciting opportunities for digital nomads. They are, however, all targeted towards certain people. UAE is a strong choice for remote workers that want to obtain a visa in an easy way. But if you are looking to spend more time we recommend you to choose Taiwan which has one of the longest visas for digital nomads. Sri.lanka has a great internet coverage, along with its digital nomad friendly environment.

So, if you are interested in finding out more about Digital Nomad programs and its opportunities to develop business, contact us today! Below this article, you will find a link to set up a free fifteen-minute consultation with us to discuss your options further.

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