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Saudi Arabia's New Premium Residency Program: A Guide to Opportunities and Benefits

Saudi Arabia has recently unveiled five new premium residency products as part of its ongoing efforts to attract global talent and investment. These initiatives are geared towards bolstering the country's economic and cultural development while creating opportunities for employment and knowledge transfer. Here's a breakdown of the new premium residency categories:

Entrepreneur Residency: Aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs and owners of innovative projects, this category offers individuals the chance to launch and develop their startups in Saudi Arabia. Applicants must obtain an entrepreneur license from the Ministry of Investment and secure an endorsement letter from the investing entity.

Real Estate Owner Residency: Designed for wealthy foreigners who own real estate in Saudi Arabia, this category allows individuals to enjoy the country's high quality of life while benefiting from its thriving real estate market. To be eligible, applicants must own real estate assets worth a minimum of SAR 4,000,000 and meet certain property ownership criteria.

Special Talent Residency: Targeting executives, professionals, and researchers specializing in healthcare, science, and research, this category aims to attract individuals with unique skills and experiences. Applicants must meet specific salary and work experience requirements and obtain an endorsement letter from their employer or an official government entity.

Gifted Residency: Geared towards skilled professionals and talented individuals in the cultural and sports sectors, this category seeks to integrate them into Saudi Arabia's vibrant cultural landscape. Applicants must either be nominated or receive an award approved by the Ministries of Culture and Sports or meet minimum eligibility criteria established by these ministries.

Investor Residency: Intended for investors looking to capitalize on Saudi Arabia's thriving business landscape, this category requires individuals to obtain an investment license, provide commercial register and articles of incorporation, and invest a minimum of SAR 7 million in economic activities within the country.

Each premium residency product comes with its own set of eligibility criteria, duration, and path to permanent residency. Overall, these initiatives align with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 goals of accelerating economic growth and diversification. They are expected to attract specialized talent, stimulate foreign investment, and contribute to the country's transformation into a knowledge-based economy.

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