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Requirements to obtain a Permanent Residency in Chile

Obtaining Permanent Residence in Chile means the permission to settle indefinitely in the country and carry out any activity, with no limitations other than those imposed by current laws.

Chile contemplates different cases to be able to obtain it:

1) Have less than two consecutive years of Visa Subject to Contract.

2) Have at least two years of Student Visa as long as they have completed secondary or professional studies.

3) Have at least one year of Temporary Visa.

For those cases, it is necessary to apply the request within the last 90 days of its validity, prove the activity carried out in the country that allows it to be maintained and not have been out of the country for more than 180 days.

4) If you are a Spouse, Son/Daughter, Father or Mother or you are in a Civil Union with a Chilean citizen.

5) If you are a Spouse, Son/Daughter, Father or Mother of a foreigner with permanent residence in Chile.

The documents necessary to present, according to the different types subject to obtaining Permanent Residence, varies. The more complete the application is, the faster it will be processed. You may have to go to other public institutions and your country's consulate. In principle, the Criminal Record of the country of origin and of Chile are mandatory. They must be valid for no more than 90 days from the date of issue. All documents issued abroad must be apostilled or legalized by the Chilean consulate of the country of origin and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Chile. In addition, any document that is in a language other than Spanish or English must be translated. A copy of the Identity Card, photograph of the applicant and everything related to the Visas acquired in the Country will also be requested. In turn, for cases stipulated in number 3 and 4, depending on the affinity that is maintained with the foreigner or Chilean, documents to present varies, for example, the Certificate of Marriage and Birth.

To carry out the obtaining process, all the necessary legal documentation has to be acquired, since the website does not allow the process to be completed if all the documentation is not attached. For this, the creation of a "Unique Key" is required through the Civil Registry or at the ChileAtiende offices. Once the same is generated, through the web, complete the required data and pay the fee of around $ 83,000 Chilean pesos. In the event that all the information is correct, the certificate of the Permanent Residence is granted to then obtain the Identity Card for foreigners.

The Definitive Permanence lasts forever, unless it is revoked. In the event that it is rejected, you will not be able to request one again. It is possible to be an uninterrupted year outside the country, after that period, the Definitive Permanence is tacitly revoked. It is important to know that once you complete five years of residence in Chile, counted from the beginning of the first residence visa, and fulfilling the other legal requirements, you can apply for Nationalization.



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