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Requirements to obtain a Permanent Residency and Citizenship in Colombia

If you are interested in live in Colombia, you must obtain a permanent residency. It not only provides a durable establishment over time but also, free development of activities, without requiring any prior authorization. In any case, this Visa is no longer granted for an indefinite time but must be renewed every five years in addition to the foreign identity card.

One of the great benefits that the Permanent Visa brings is that after a specified time, depending on the country of origin of the foreigner, you can apply for a Colombian nationality after a time domiciled in the country determined by law.

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The father or mother of a Colombian can apply to obtain this, either because one the parent is Colombian national or because the parents are foreigners where domiciled in Colombia at the time of birth.

For those who have remained in the national territory continuously and uninterruptedly for 5 years as the main holder of the “M” (Migrant) visa.

People who have renounced Colombian nationality in the past (in most cases to acquire the nationality of another country that prohibits dual nationality) can apply to obtain Permanent Residency.

In the case of being a beneficiary of the Spouse Visa, the continuous ownership of this for a minimum time of 2 years allows requesting a Permanent Visa, in this case the consent of the Colombian spouse is required.

Finally, those who have registered a foreign direct investment with the Banco de la República in an amount greater than 650 legal monthly minimum wages in force, can apply for the Visa.

In the case of the M type Visa and the Spouse Visa it is necessary:

-Copy of the visas and safe-conducts of those who have been holders during the time of stay in the Colombian territory.

-Certificate of migratory movements issued by the Special Administrative Unit for Migration Colombia.

-Document certifying occupation and / or source of income.

-Document that certifies the circumstances or conditions that determined the place to grant the last visa are still remain.

In the case of the parents, it is necessary:

1) Copy of the Civil Registry of Birth of the Colombian national son.

2) Letter of request.

In the case of foreign investment it is necessary:

1) Certification issued by the International Exchange Department of the Banco de la República, which records the registration of foreign direct investment in the name of the foreigner whose amount is greater than 650 legal monthly minimum wages in force.

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