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Requirements for Visa or Rentier (Passive Income) Residence in Peru

In the case of being a retired foreigner and wishing to reside in Peru, the Government grants the Retiree Visa in order to gain access to the Residence. It can only be processed in Peru through the National Immigration Superintendence of the Ministry of the Interior of Peru in Lima.

To be a beneficiary, the requirements are as follows:

1) Fill Form F-007.

2) Legible copy of the valid passport or travel document. The visa beneficiary must be in a regular immigration situation.

3) Affidavit of not registering criminal, judicial and police records at national and international level.

4) A copy authenticated or authenticated by the Migration notary of the original document of the country from which the foreign comes, which proves that the applicant receives a permanent net income of not less than one thousand (US $ 1,000) dollars, which must be legalized by the Peruvian Consulate and endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or apostilled.

5) In the case of income from a national source, a document that certifies the perception by the beneficiary.

6) In case of income from a foreign source, proof that the money enters the country through a banking institution.

This type of Visa prohibits any action that involves gainful activities. The term of the granting and permanence is indefinite since the qualification of Temporary or Resident will depend on the legal provisions in force, the documentation presented and the discretion of the immigration authority.

Finally, all documents that are in a foreign language must be translated into Spanish by a Certified Translator or a Sworn Public Translator and in the case of relatives of the rentier, in addition to presenting the relevant documents; they must prove an additional income of five hundred dollars (USD $ 500) for each relative or dependent.



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