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Requirements and Detailed Procedures to Obtain the D7 Visa for Portugal: A Comprehensive Guide for Residency with Passive Income

If you're considering relocating to Portugal and living in the country with passive income, the D7 Visa could be the perfect option for you. This visa is designed for those who wish to establish residency in Portugal and live off income from sources such as pensions, investments, or rentals. Here's a complete guide on the requirements and procedures necessary to obtain the D7 Visa:

Sufficient Means of Subsistence:

To qualify for the D7 Visa, it's crucial to demonstrate that you have sufficient means of subsistence to support yourself in Portugal without the need to seek employment in the country. This can include regular income from pensions, investments, rentals, or other passive sources.

Accommodation in Portugal:

You must have suitable accommodation to reside in Portugal. This can be achieved through the purchase or rental of a property or by signing a long-term lease agreement. It's important to provide evidence of your accommodation when submitting the visa application.

Health Insurance:

It's a mandatory requirement to have valid health insurance that provides medical coverage during your stay in Portugal. This insurance must meet the minimum standards set by the Portuguese authorities and ensure adequate medical care in case of illness or emergency.

Certificate of Criminal Record:

You'll need to obtain a certificate of criminal record from your country of origin or any other country where you've resided in the past few years. This document must be legalized and apostilled for validity in Portugal and is essential to demonstrate your moral and legal suitability to reside in the country.

Sworn Declaration:

As part of your visa application, you'll need to submit a sworn declaration stating your commitment not to work in Portugal and your intention to reside in the country exclusively on passive income. This declaration serves as a guarantee to the immigration authorities that you meet the requirements of the D7 Visa.

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