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Relocate to Uruguay: Obtain your residency in less than a year.

Uruguay stands outin Latin America for being an equalitarian society, for its high per capita income, and its low levels of inequality and poverty. It has also ranked first in the region in various measures of well-being, such as the Human Development Index, the Human Opportunity Index, and the Index of Economic Freedom, and according to the World Bank Human Opportunity Index, it has achieved a high level of equal opportunities in terms of access to basic services.

In that context, if you are planning to move to Latin America, Uruguay may be your best option, and here is what you can do about it:


The main requirement is proving the reason you are requesting your residency, and how are you going to sustain yourself there. Basically, it may be because of work (either because you were hired by a company, started a business, or have equity in one) or it may be because of academic reasons.


Now, if you are a national from a MERCOSUR country (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador Guyana y Suriname), you won’t need to do that, only prove you do not have criminal records and that you have all the required vaccines. And just like that, you can apply for a permanent residency. And you can even do it before the Uruguayan consulate of your country!

The same process applies if you have any kind of relationship with a Uruguayan (parent, children, spouse or even your co-habitant).


Finally, the star of the migratory situations: citizenship. It takes a little longer than in other Latin American countries: 5 years for people without a family, and 3 years if you do have one. But always proving you have roots in the country (real state, work, investments, etc.).

So if you are looking for a beautiful, calm and secure country in Latin America, this is the best choice you have…



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