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The 6 Steps to form a Company or Business in Peru for Expats.

Peru has become an attractive country for investment, both for national and foreign capital since the stability of its economy in recent years has been remarkable, which has contributed to generating a very attractive investment climate.

The country offers multiple investment opportunities in various economic sectors and facilities for the incorporation of companies.

The benefits of having a formal business are the freedom to legally expose your brand, the possibility of growing and employing people who obtain benefits from the State, and the possibility of accessing bank loans.

The process to establish a business consists of the following steps:

1. Name search and reservation

Here it will be important to decide what type of company should be constituted, a transcendental issue in which we can advise you for an optimal commercial life.

2. Preparation of the constitutive act

It consists of a document in which the members of a company express their wish to establish a company.

3. Payment of capital and assets

It is necessary to contribute an amount of money or property (real estate or personal), for which it will be necessary to open an account in a bank and carry out an inventory of the property.

4. Preparation of Public Deed

You will have to approach a notary, who with our help will be able to know which one is more agile to carry out the process and with lower costs.

5. Registration in public registers

This step can be accelerated, becoming imperceptible in time, with the choice of the best notary that we can offer you.

6. Registration with the RUC of Legal Person

Through a legal representative, you will finally be able to carry out this last stage to obtain a legally registered company, which will allow you to have an unlimited number of clients, being more profitable in the rising economy of this country.



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