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Obtain a Work Permit in Peru through a Temporary Residency

In Peru, within the category of Resident Visa, there is the Working Visa. It is intended for the worker who enters the national territory to carry out lucrative activities in a subordinate or autonomous way for the public or private sectors, by a work contract or administrative relationship or a service provision contract.

The contracting company, in addition to creating the employment contract, must verify that the foreigner that is requesting this type of Visa, possesses the qualities and meets the requirements for the position to be filled. In addition, the presentation of the contract must be no older than 30 days after being approved by the labor authority. In the cases that the contract contemplates trial periods, the Temporary Visa will be granted until the fulfillment of said period then the user can request the Change of Visa Class to Resident.

The requirements for obtaining it are:

  1. Complete the form "F-007".

  2. Have a valid passport and being in a regular immigration situation.

  3. The employment contract must be authorized by the administrative labor authority and legalized or authenticated by the Notary of Immigration.

  4. The contracting company must have the Single Taxpayer Registry, active and enabled.

The processing time takes an estimate of 30 days and the Management of Migratory Services or Zonal Headquarters are in charge, where the Form "F-007" and all the aforementioned documentation must be submitted, generating an online appointment. This type of visa is valid for 1 year and has the possibility of renewal for the same period. Upon obtaining the work visa, the foreigner is fully empowered to exercise it within Peruvian territory, but the foreigner is required to be within it for at least 183 days out of the 365 days that this visa is granted. The Peruvian government admits the chance that serving two years as Resident in Peru, foreigners can apply for Naturalization and permanent stay.



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