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Jersey, Ireland, Austria: The best Tax Heavens for Families

There are so many tax havens for families out there. If you have a large family then moving to these places is the best idea. In this article we are going to explore the 3 countries that are tax havens for families


Jersey has taxes levied on properties, personal income, corporate tax, and goods and services. Taxes do exist, but they do so on an affordable level. They are not as high or expensive as the UK. The island currently accounts for about 0.6% of offshore accounts.

There are no taxes on corporations. As a result, many major companies decided to take advantage of that. The government of Jersey charges no corporate taxes to foreign companies. Even companies that are domestically established here do not have to pay taxes.

So, if you are thinking of investing and opening an overseas business, then Jersey is the best place for you. Financial charges are charged a flat 10% corporate taxes, while larger ones are charged up to 20%.

These are the lowest rates as compared to many business hubs around the world. However, Jersey does not charge tax dividends or corporate gains. This means that if you decide to do business here, the advantage of gaining immense profits is extremely high.


Foreigners and the residents of Ireland can benefit from its attractive tax environment. Ireland is one of the best tax haven countries in the world. It’s famous for its affordable economic endeavors. If you are looking to invest in a business opportunity, then this is one of the most reliable tax havens for families of entrepreneurs.

It offers low and almost no corporate taxes. Its low tax rates encourage foreigners to start a business. It even encourages many foreign companies to invest in Ireland.

If there is an artist in the family, this country is for you. Artists also tend to enjoy a tax-free income. It means that there is no income tax for artists, painters, singers, etc. If you have an art gallery in Ireland, you can benefit from the grand profits you make.


Austria is a tax haven, but they tend to provide many economic perks. Austria is one of the richest European countries in the world. Its account holders are granted privacy in exchange for funds.

You can benefit from the exchange of private funds as you can have offshore accounts and do not have to worry about paying extra taxes. Austria’s bond market is a brilliant place to invest. It is popular with foreigners as they benefit from low tax policies.

They can make ample profits by investing in bonds. Apart from that, Austria offers free education. Its public education system is free, which means if you consider moving to Austria, your children can enjoy the perks of free education.

Austria is the art and cultural capital of the world. If you are an artist, you can benefit from the low-income tax. There is no pension tax as well. So, if you are looking for a place to retire, Austria is one of the tax havens for families you should consider.

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