• Creimerman Product Team

Investor Visa: Brazil offers an opportunity to invest and obtain citizenship

Are you looking for a country where to invest and at the same time obtain citizenship? Brazil is undoubtedly the ideal place for it.

The economy of this country is considered the sixth largest in the world and should move to the fifth position in the next decade. The main advantages that draw attention to investing there are the favorable social and macroeconomic structure, the strong domestic market, the wealth of natural and cultural assets, the open markets and the clean and abundant renewable energy.

If you want to take advantage of everything this country has to offer, keep reading about this opportunity: the Investor Visa.

The individual investor visa will be granted to foreigners who intend to settle in Brazil and allows the permanence and continuous residence in the country for the investor and his immediate family. Once you get an investor visa, you can invest in opening a business in Brazil, in Brazilian real estate, or stocks, and you can even open a savings account in the country.

But how can you get this visa?

Before starting the process to obtain the Brazilian investor visa, you need the following documentation:

• Proof of identity

• Certificate of good standing

• Curriculum vitae

• Proof of relationship or family

• Marriage certificate

• Academic credentials

• Proof of address

Also, it will require an investment equal to or greater than R $ 500,000.00 (five hundred thousand reais) and must be made directly from the Investor's account abroad to a new company or another established in Brazil. The invested value, due to Visa fines and future repatriation without taxes, must also be registered with the Central Bank.

The investment area can be of any type, the capital can be invested to accumulate the high-interest rates paid by Brazilian banks or to buy real estate, for example.

It is important to note that to improve investment in technology companies, the new regulatory resolution opens an opportunity for new companies working in the technology, scientific, or innovation sector.

If the company complies with the conditions presented in the resolution, the minimum amount required to invest will revert to R $ 150,000.00, creating an opportunity for those investors who wish to undertake the startup business.

Before entering into the description of the specific steps to follow, we must clarify that at no time is the presence of the foreign investor in Brazil required. All procedures can be carried out through a representative issuing power of attorney with specific powers for the procedures.

This means that the foreign investor can plan their move to Brazil immediately after visa approval. This also means that the foreign investor can plan their stay in Brazil before or during the visa processing time, if necessary. Knowing that the visa is not issued in Brazil, but in the designated Brazilian consulate abroad, the foreign investor can make much better use of the 90/180-day tourist visa, for example, when preparing the final transfer to the country.

So what are the steps and how long does it take?

1. Issue a power of attorney through the respective foreign authority (usually a notary) and obtain an apostille certificate for the document (Brazil is part of the Hague Convention that eliminates the requirement of legalization of foreign public documents).

2. Provide apostilled certificates for all foreign documents that will be used during visa procedures (eg passport and birth certificates).