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Investments in Uruguay: The Medicinal Cannabis Industry and CBD.

The legal regulation of cannabis has brought a great wave of investments for this country.

The use and export of medical marijuana to countries where it is legal has been standardized. This initiative, together with the strategic use of new technologies, have given way to online stores such as grow shops in Chile, which are fully specialized within the industry and where you can find the components and implements necessary to carry out successful cannabis cultivation. All for betting on a freer and more civilized world that understands the benefits of the components that this plant offers.

Uruguay assumes the leadership in the cultivation of Cannabidiol CBD

Uruguay takes several steps forward, being one of the pioneers in the cultivation of cannabidiol (CBD), which is not psychoactive and is the one used in medical products. Therefore, investors around the world see this management as a great opportunity to establish supply chains.

On the other hand, competition in the market is immediate, since Canadian companies are installed in Uruguayan territory through the construction of laboratories that exceed investments of 10 million dollars to produce and export drugs from hemp, which is another variety of cannabis that contains CBD, also without psychoactive effects.

This also adds to the opportunity that this South American country has to compete in a market that has not been scrutinized in the legal fields and that, in some way, puts them at an advantage. At this point, they are already expanding their traditional exports of raw materials, to higher-level products where science and biology play a leading role.



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