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Investments in LATAM: The medical Cannabis industry, the oil of the XXI century.

In the midst of the strongest economic crisis of the last 200 years, while the planet experiences a decrease in world GDP of 5%; an industry appears with a 25% year-on-year growth rate in the United States, generating great interest in LATAM as a response to the crisis left by Covid-19 in the region.

Despite the legislative rigidity around its production, the Cannabis industry is the green oil of the 21st century. Its applications are innumerable and range from medicine, cosmetics, bio-plastics, edibles, to name a few.

The cannabis-infused edibles market value, in the United States, exceeds $ 17 billion a year. The 2018–2019 soybean harvest in Argentina, the largest soybean producer in the world, was US $ 13.3 billion.

Cannabic investments in LATAM are a unique opportunity!

- Production costs are up to 80% lower than in North America and Europe.

- An average cannabic investment in countries like Ecuador, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, among others, can generate over 100% yearly dividends, from the third year.



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