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How to Open a Bank Account in Paraguay.

Opening a bank account in Paraguay can be a straightforward process if you have the necessary documents and follow the right steps. This guide provides an overview of the types of accounts available, the requirements, and the steps to open an account in Paraguay.

Types of Bank Accounts

Savings Account (Cuenta de Ahorro):

Ideal for personal savings and daily transactions.

Comes with a debit card.

Usually has no minimum balance requirement.

Current Account (Cuenta Corriente):

Used for frequent transactions and business activities.

Comes with a checkbook and a debit card.

May require a minimum balance and have maintenance fees.

Foreign Currency Account:

Allows you to hold funds in foreign currencies like USD.

Useful for international transactions.

Steps to Open a Bank Account

Choose a Bank

Research and select a bank that meets your needs. Some of the prominent banks in Paraguay include Banco Nacional de Fomento, Banco Itaú, and Banco Continental.

Check Eligibility

Verify the bank's requirements for opening an account, especially if you are a foreign national.

Gather Required Documents

Identification: Passport or Paraguayan ID (Cédula de Identidad for locals).

Proof of Address: Recent utility bill, rental agreement, or another document showing your current address.

Tax Identification Number (RUC): The RUC is required for tax purposes. You can obtain it from the Subsecretaría de Estado de Tributación (SET).

Proof of Income: Employment contract, pay stubs, or other documents showing your source of income.

Reference Letters: Some banks may require reference letters from existing customers or employers.

Visit the Bank

Go to the selected bank with all the required documents. Making an appointment might expedite the process.

Complete Application Forms

Fill out the application forms provided by the bank. Bank staff will assist you if needed.

Initial Deposit

Make the required initial deposit if applicable. The amount varies depending on the bank and the type of account.

Wait for Approval

The bank will review your application and documents. This process typically takes a few days to a week.

Receive Banking Materials

Once approved, you will receive your debit card, checkbook (if applicable), and other relevant banking materials.

Tips for Foreign Nationals

Residency Status: While it is easier to open an account if you have temporary or permanent residency, some banks may allow non-residents to open accounts.

Language: Bank staff may primarily speak Spanish. It is beneficial to have a basic understanding of Spanish or bring someone who can translate.

Currency Exchange: Be aware of the regulations regarding currency exchange and transfer limits.

Major Banks and Their Features

Banco Nacional de Fomento (BNF):

Offers a range of accounts and financial services.

Known for stability and wide branch network.

Banco Itaú:

Provides various personal and business banking solutions.

Offers online banking and a mobile app for easy account management.

Banco Continental:

Known for comprehensive financial products and services.

Provides good customer service and a robust online banking platform.


Opening a bank account in Paraguay involves selecting a suitable bank, ensuring you meet eligibility requirements, gathering the necessary documentation, and following the application process. With the right preparation, you can open a bank account that meets your financial needs in Paraguay.

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