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How to avoid to get your citizenship revoked.

In order to know how to prevent your citizenship from being taken away, you first need to be aware of the ways in which you can lose it. A reason people prefer second citizenship over second residence is associated with the lack of maintenance. Typically, you don't have to do much to maintain your citizenship because it is almost completely impossible to lose it. But there are a few ways to lose your citizenship, whether voluntarily or not. Today we are going to give you all the information you need to know.

How Can You Get Your Citizenship Revoked?

  • Renunciation

Citizenship can be lost by voluntarily renouncing it. Several of our clients have renounced their former citizenships in order to significantly reduce their taxes, to have more traveling freedom, or to move to where they will be treated better.

  • Denaturalization

Nationality can be lost because of your behavior or if you are convicted of committing fraud in the naturalization process. From lying on your naturalization application to participating in a paper marriage to obtain a country's citizenship, fraud can mean anything. To lie about anything from your real identity to your criminal record can denaturalize you.

  • Criminal Activities

Different countries around the world have varying standards for revocation of citizenship on the basis of moral misconduct, and they may also differ for naturalized and naturalized citizens. But a criminal record will get you in hot water almost everywhere.Even countries that do not kick you out for your criminal activities can lock you up, take away your passport or refuse to issue a new one.

  • Acquiring Another Citizenship

Several countries allow dual citizenship, including the United States and the United Kingdom, although not all countries want to split their citizens. When you belong to a country that does not allow dual citizenship, you may lose your citizenship when you obtain another one. However, if you are determined to get a second passport while belonging to a country that does not allow dual citizenship, be careful to get a passport that is more flexible than the one you already have in terms of your second citizenship, so that you do not have to choose between nationalities again.

How to Avoid it?

  • Don’t Lie

While this is generally good advice, it especially applies to your naturalization process.You may denaturalize whether your lie is discovered on the spot or later.Be as truthful as possible about your criminal history. It’s better to be rejected at the start of the process than to be dragged into a legal procedure later with severe consequences.

  • Get Professional Help

Whether you are acquiring citizenship or renouncing it, you should always reach out to professionals to help you through the process. At Creimerman, we have a team of offshore strategists and attorneys who are well versed in all things citizenship.Going through the naturalization process can be pretty overwhelming but going through a denaturalization process is another story altogether.Having an experienced team on your side can be the very thing that makes it all easy for you.

  • Stay on Top of Things

Few things are as variable as immigration policies. Not granting a passport, canceling dual citizenship, or making you choose between citizenships are all different ways of serving the same purpose making you immobile and limiting your options. Your best option is to get a Plan B before you fall victim to the next government regulation.

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