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Dual Citizenship in Uruguay: Get a Second Passport by Investment Program.

Uruguay is one of the most trusted countries in the region and an optimal terrain for development and innovation, exceptional talent, and an extraordinary lifestyle. It offers a strong value proposition in terms of market access and a successful track record in foreign direct investment.

This country, as a member of Mercosur, offers access to a market of more than 300 million people, benefiting from its strategic location, stability, and respect for government institutions, which is why it should be taken into account when looking to constitute new citizenship.

Among the benefits of obtaining Uruguayan citizenship is that once acquired it cannot be renounced. Also, it does not require renewal, is not subject to expiration, and is not lost by prolonged residence abroad.

In certain circumstances, the person can maintain their nationality of origin - dual nationality - or acquire or maintain other nationalities. According to the legislation of each country, the acquisition of Uruguayan citizenship could also imply the loss of your previous nationality.

So the first question is: who has the right to legal citizenship?

• Foreign men and women of good conduct, from a family established in the Republic, who possess some working capital or property in the country or profess some science, art or industry, have three years of habitual residence in the Republic.

• Foreign men and women of good conduct, without family established in the Republic, who have any of the qualities of the previous paragraph and five years of habitual residence in the Republic.

• Foreign men and women who obtain a special grace from the General Assembly for notable services or relevant merits.

• In all cases, be over 18 years of age.

The new popular vision of the current government, which consists of making the granting of citizenship more flexible, you only need courage to obtain it, and specific legal advice that indicates the specific documentation to present.

As an example, the following documentation could be mentioned:

• The certificate of entry to the country: issued by the National Directorate of Migration, which proves that you are authorized to reside in Uruguay.

• Proof of nationality: using one of the following options,

a) Birth certificate of the country of origin or registered in the Civil Status Registry of Uruguay.

b) Another document from the country of origin (marriage certificate, passport, identity document, etc).

• Proof of age: using one of the following options,

a) Birth certificate.

b) Passport visa, legalized and translated.

c) National public documents that contain precise references.

d) Deed or certificate in which notary public certifies having had the respective article in view, accompanied by a photocopy of the same.

  • Proof of identity: through the documentation presented and the statement of two witnesses over 25 years old, registered in the Registry National Civic.

It is necessary to remember that the Uruguayan government is a constitutional republic and stands out for its stability. In the government structure there is usually a low level of bureaucracy and corruption, especially when compared to other countries in South America, which is why emigrating to Uruguay becomes more than attractive for many citizens.

After all, this is a country with the charm of a small city but with the development opportunities of a large one and its population and its laws are ready to open up its territory to immigrants from all over the world, so we are ready to help you with what you need.

This is the chance to take advantage of the rise of certain South American countries.



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