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Friendly Nations Visa: How to get a Residency Visa in Panama?

Friendly Nations Visa

There are a number of visa options for Panama, but the Friendly Nations visa is considered to be one of the most attractive and easiest to get. In 2012, President Ricardo Martinelli issued a presidential decree declaring that citizens of 22 friendly nations could quickly apply to become permanent residents.

This “fast track” visa is known as the Panama friendly nations visa. The formal formulation of this visa is for "citizens of friendly nations with professional and economic ties with the Republic of Panama."

Countries that can obtain Friendly Nations Visa

The number of friendly nations are the following 50 countries:

Great Britain, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Republic of Korea, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Spain, USA, Slovakia, France, Finland, Holland, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Singapore, Uruguay, Chile, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Cyprus, Malta, Serbia, Montenegro, Israel, Denmark, South Africa, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Andorra, San Marino, Taiwan , Costa Rica, Mexico and Paraguay.

Visa requirements

Citizens of friendly nations must establish professional and / or economic relationships in Panama. This can be done by starting a new business or being hired to work for a Panama company.

Professional activity means that the applicant is employed by a Panamanian company, has a work authorization, and is registered in the Panamanian social security system. Also, proof of income must be provided by the employer.

The other way is to have economic activity, which means that the applicant owns a corporation in Panama. Another requirement is the proof of financial solvency. This means that one must have at least $ 5,000 dollars deposited in a bank account in Panama. Spouse and children up to 25 (if they are college students) are classified as dependents. The applicant must also provide a written commitment letter from each dependent.

After all the required documents are filed, the immigration office will issue a one-year temporary green card, which will soon be replaced by a permanent green card once the petition is approved. The next step is to apply for a work permit. The president of Panama recently issued a Presidential Decree ordering the Panamanian Ministry of Labor to expedite the approval of work permits for the 50 citizens of friendly nations.

Upon submitting the residence application, applicants receive a residence card pending for 6 months, while the residence is processed.

Required documents

Law 3 of 2008 of article 28 requires that the following documents be provided by the applicant:

1- Application for Permanent Residence in Panama with Special Power of Attorney.

2- Criminal records.

3- Copy of the entire passport notarized by a Notary Public of Panama.

4- Medical examination report from a doctor from Panama (original).

5- Personal sworn statement.

Due to recent presidential decrees, the following documents are also required:

1- Three passport size photos.

2- A written statement that describes the economic and / or professional activities that the applicant will carry out.

3- Solvency test.

4- Copy of the petitioner's identification document.



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