• Creimerman Product Team

Ecuador cannabis licenses: small investment, fast process and infinite opportunities

The increasingly large global industry of legalised cannabis creates a foundation for opportunity where new gaps are appearing for companies and individuals to exploit market demands. While we have covered this sector in some detail on our blog in the past, there is always new information to share and details that emerge with new legislation that make opportunities that seemed vague a few months ago extremely realistic and exhibiting exciting potential. Latin America is an example of the fast-paced environment that defines legalised cannabis, with countries recognised the world over such as Uruguay, where pioneering relaxation of cannabis legislation set the groundwork for global development in the industry. One such nation following this example is Ecuador, where there is a promising landscape for the commercialisation of legal cannabis and its by-products, and today we will take a specific focus on the cannabis licenses on offer there, and why they could be a good investment for you.

The Ecuadorian legalised cannabis industry is extremely dynamic, demonstrated in recent years where development has been constant following the approval of new regulations in 2020. These regulations will see the introduction of seven licenses allowing different types of cannabis cultivation, please find these outlined below:

  1. Importation and commercialisation of hemp seeds and cuttings (including seeds for industrial use)

  2. Sowing and production of hemp seeds and cuttings (including seeds for industrial use)

  3. Hemp cultivation

  4. Industrial hemp cultivation

  5. Hemp processing and production of hemp derivatives

  6. Plant breeding and/or germplasm banks, and research

  7. Acquisition of derivatives and/or biomass or hemp flower (including biomass for industrial use) for export

It is clear that in less than a year, the barriers to cannabis access have been largely removed. Just by reading the list it is evident that industrial cannabis in the form of hemp is encouraged through these licenses, and if you are involved in this sector, perhaps investment in Ecuador could be the answer to sustainable hemp cultivation, as it is both legal and viable. Not only this, but it is possible to hold more than one license at a time, providing multiple avenues for investment, and with more available combinations with more licenses, the potential returns on any investments increase exponentially!