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Dubai: The Popular Digital Nomad Visa Program

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If you want to experience how it is to live as a digital nomad in one of the wealthiest cities in the world, you should consider applying for the Dubai digital nomad visa.

To lure remote workers and digital nomads, Dubai launched the program “Work Remotely from Dubai,” allowing digital nomads to live and work remotely in the fabulous city. Today we will provide you with all the information you need in order to apply for this visa.

Why choose Dubai?

Dubai has introduced a very straightforward program that allows people from any nation to apply for a one year remote work visa. It’s called The Remote Working Visa Scheme. This program allows anyone who qualifies to move to Dubai and enjoy most of the same rights that any other resident would.

While living in Dubai, you can enjoy high quality services, luxury shopping experiences, and the freedom to explore numerous world-record holders, such as the tallest building in the world. Digital nomads who have kids will also find Dubai a very family-friendly city to live in. It has several safe and secure residential options and plenty of child-friendly attractions.

Unfortunately, this lifestyle comes at a price. It can be quite expensive to live in Dubai, but it can be worth it for the quality of life you get in return. The community is amazing, and the services and experiences Dubai has to offer are unique and interesting.

Dubai has a lot to offer digital nomads and remote workers. Being such a modern city, there are multiple opportunities for expats. There are plenty of places to work from, great accommodation options, and the people are very open and welcoming.

How to apply?

All applicants can apply for the Remote Working Visa in-country or from outside the United Arab Emirates. You can apply online or through accredited typing centres.

Once you fill out the corresponding form and submit all your paperwork, your application will be reviewed. The processing time for a digital nomad visa in Dubai is from thirty days up to sixty days. In addition to this the cost of the Dubai digital nomad visa is $611. This amount includes the application fee of $287 and other processing charges, medical insurance premium, and Emirates ID.

It has been confirmed on the website that each Remote Work Visa only lasts for exactly 12 months. Once it’s expired, digital nomads have to reapply and resubmit all documents from the start, and a new visa will be issued if the applicant still meets the requirements.

What benefits are there for me?

  • Tax-free. As a digital nomad in Dubai, you are not required to pay income tax, capital gains tax, withholding tax, and local taxes. However, you are expected to pay taxes back home, but you do not need to prove it in Dubai.

  • High healthcare system. Dubai offers a high quality healthcare system with excellent facilities and a high standard of medical care.

  • Access to facilities. The Emirates ID will be given to applicant holders when they receive their visas and arrive in the UAE. The Emirates ID is a document that can be used for many things in their daily lives. By having the ID, you will have access to many services, such as banking, phone lines, housing rentals, and, if you have children, the ability to enrol them in local schools.

  • Fast internet connection. The average internet speed is 189.27 Mbps, and the mobile connection sits around 273.87 Mbps. There will likely be no issues with your WiFi in the UAE since the majority of accommodation for foreigners have speeds of well over 100 Mbps.

  • No nationality restrictions: Anyone can apply for this visa, regardless of where you come from.

So, if you are interested in finding out more about the pathway of becoming a digital nomad, as well as other opportunities to develop your business, contact us today! Below this article, you will find a link to set up a free fifteen-minute consultation with us to discuss your options further.

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