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Coronavirus: the possibility of obtaining an entry permit to Argentina appears

After the pandemic that began to hit us at the beginning of 2020, worldwide, most governments decided to take restrictive political measures as far as borders are concerned.

In other words, our plans to travel and/or expand our business to other borders have been frustrated by the general uncertainty between the policies implemented and their duration, which, according to what we have experienced, must end when we find the appropriate cure for this virus that came unexpectedly.

Given this, it is essential to be attentive to what happens day by day in the countries of the world to take advantage of the flexibility advantages that may arise at the right time.

A territory that is currently exceptional is the Argentine Republic, which surprisingly, within its interweaving of prohibitions and limitations to move from one place to another, offers minimal flexibility so that those who wish to can enter the territory.

This minimum flexibility was desired and studied by our Immigration Team, who perfectly understands how to take advantage of this possibility in certain cases and exceptions.

But what is this policy guideline about? They turn out to be exceptional provisional landings.

As it is a unique opportunity, in a context where uncertainty abounds and political decisions are altered day by day, it is necessary to clarify that the updates of this type of exceptional cases for entering Argentina are updated month by month.

We emphasize that it is the opportunity, the right time, for those who yearned to travel, expand their businesses, physically contact their partners or potential clients, settle in to start their residency process, consider it right now.

The Creimerman Law team will be at your disposal for any questions you may have, to accompany you in every step of the decision you make, and to solve any inconvenience that may arise.



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