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Colombia: Best cities for your next destination

Once again, we’ll be continuing with this week’s theme of Colombia. So far, we’ve discussed anything from obtaining residency to opening a bank account in the country. However, today we’ll be touching on the top three cities in Colombia to buy real estate in.

First, let’s talk a bit about Colombia.

Colombia is situated in the north of Latin America. In fact, it’s essentially the gateway into South America from Central America, making the country a great place for those looking to explore north into Central America and south into South America. Of course, with stunning beaches, thriving and lively cities, and a cheap country to work in, Colombia might be one of the best places for you to post up and live for a bit.

Although not limited to these three options, here are three great options for expats to live and work in.

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Years ago, Medellín was one of the most dangerous places to live in Colombia. Now, however, it’s one of the safest and has quickly become a hot spot for expats alike to live, work, and play.Surrounded by the Andes mountains, Medellín is a beautiful city for those wanting a view of nature nearly everywhere you wander. In addition, Medellín is a cultural hub. From museums to gardens to the annual Flower Festival, the city’s got it all.


Being the capital of Colombia, Bogotá is a large hub for international travelers and expats from all over the world, making your stay here feel a bit less lonely at times. Bogotá is also consistently rather cool 18 degrees Celsius and home to a rainy season, meaning you won’t always be too hot to handle. Of course, being a capital city, there is a large nightlife for those wanting to party on the weekends!


Fans of the beach and sunny days will enjoy Cartagena, the second-largest city in Colombia.Mostly famous for its colonial streets and colorful buildings, Cartagena also has a thriving tourism economy, attracting tourists from all over the globe. Finally, if you happen to be in Cartagena in late January, make sure to check out the famous Hay Festival Cartagena d Indias, which brings a large number of Colombians and expats into the city from January 27-30.

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