• Creimerman Product Team

Chile: How investing in business can bring you the reward of residency

Occupying the western edge of South America and extending as far south as the very tip of the continent at Cape Horn, only 644km from Antarctica, Chile is one of the most diverse nations on the planet in terms of ecosystem. This is an attractive element for foreigners looking to relocate and experience new adventure, however, the benefits and pull factors of choosing the Latin American nation extend far beyond the landscape. One of the many universal reasons for moving, be it overseas or locally, is a desire for a new physical environment, and looking to the future, a place to develop personally and professionally. The COVID-19 pandemic has created an ever-expanding network of remote workers, and this has further contributed to the need for new surroundings mentioned above, which is perhaps why now is a good time to take the plunge.

To provide you with a little bit of context before getting into the main subject of today, residency is an official permission granted to someone with a different nationality, allowing them to live and work for a specified period of time, in this case, in Chile. Residency is either temporary or permanent, the difference between the two being that the former is a short period of time and the latter is valid permanently, meaning you are able to stay for an indefinite period for you to be able to apply for citizenship after the requisite period should you wish. In today’s article, we will be outlining how to obtain residency in Chile through business investment, as well as the required documents and costs involved in such a process.

As always, the best place to start is with the eligibility, as while all nationalities are allowed to apply, there are other documents and criteria to fulfil in order to make sure it is successful. Now, you will be able to find this information below, and hopefully it helps you establish the viability of this route to residency in Chile:

· Provide investment and/or business plans respectively

· Proof of capital in or out of Chile depending on where you are storing the funds

· Notarised passport copy and a passport photo

· Proof of income

· Notarised copy of business license and articles of incorporation

· Marriage and Birth Certificates where necessary

· Affidavit

· Tourism card