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Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico: The best digital Nomad Visa´s in Latin America.

By being a digital nomad you are privileged to be able to live and work all over the world from your laptops. But, due to immigration rules, there is a limit to the amount of time you can spend in each country. What if you want to stay longer? In this article we’ll explore the 3 easiest digital nomads visa to obtain in America.

To obtain this opportunity , there are several options of countries to choose from, let's see what they deal with in more depth.


Brazil is a popular traveler destination known for its beaches, colorful carnivals, and its Amazon rainforest. It was the first South American Country to introduce the digital nomad visa in January 2022. Be aware that the process has to be done at a Brazilian embassy.

  • Fees: $100

  • Duration: One year visa that can be renewed for an additional year

  • Internet fixed speed: 52.79 Mbps / Mobile: unknown

Requirements include:

  • The minimum monthly income requirement is $1,500

  • Prove your employment status

  • Prove the required amount at the moment of the application. You can also provide a statement that you have around $17,000 at the time of your application.


Now Mexico is one of our personal favorite destinations. Mexico’s temporary resident visa gives digital nomads the right to live in Mexico from six months to four years and work for foreign companies. Because Mexico’s digital nomad visa is mainly targeted toward Canadians, you’ll be required to pay all fees when applying in Canadian dollars at the local bank branch.

  • Fees: CA$ 371 (US$ 288)

  • Duration: Six months, up to four years

  • Internet fixed speed: 70.58 Mbps / Mobile: 41.27 Mbps

Requirements include:

Prove a monthly income of US$ 2,117 or an average monthly bank balance of CA$ US$ 35,290

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is famous for its relaxed lifestyle, great surfing, gorgeous beaches and an amazing landscape of jungle, volcanoes and waterfalls. The visa allows foreigners to stay for a 2-year period. This can be extended. This visa is for self-employed people or entrepreneurs, you are not allowed to work for another company.

  • Fees: $250

  • Duration: 1 year, with an extension for an additional year

  • Internet fixed speed: 74.33 Mbps / Mobile: 35 Mbps

Requirements include:

Prove a monthly income of $2,500. The amount might increase if there are more dependents.

These are all interesting and exciting opportunities for digital nomads. They are, however, all targeted towards certain people. Costa Rica is a strong choice for remote workers that want to obtain a visa in an easy way. But if you are looking to spend more time we recommend you to choose Mexico which has one of the longest visas for digital nomads. Brazil Has a great internet coverage, along with its digital nomad friendly environment.

So, if you are interested in finding out more about digital nomad visa program and its opportunities to develop business, contact us today! Below this article, you will find a link to set up a free fifteen-minute consultation with us to discuss your options further.

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