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Get a Work Visa in Argentina.

Foreigners who wish, regardless of the nation to which they belong, can fulfill their professional projects in Argentina.

Argentina does not have limited quotas and has fewer restrictions of any kind, as long as the interested parties comply with the established norms in immigration matters. However, the Migration Law clearly states that, in the case of the admission of foreigners who already have a contract to work in the South American country, they must have their legal residence and be in force. On this point, local regulations establish three types of residence for foreign citizens: temporary, permanent and temporary. This is established by article 20 of the aforementioned law, which indicates that to enter and remain in the country, the interested foreigner must fit into one of the three types of residence as a prerequisite.

However, it clarifies that while the corresponding procedure is carried out as appropriate, you can also be granted a temporary authorization that receives the name of precarious residence, which can be revoked if it is determined that the reasons for which it was granted were denatured . This document has a duration of 180 calendar days and enables its beneficiary to enter, leave, remain and re-enter Argentina, either to work and study while it is in force.

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