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These are the documents you need for residency in Argentina

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To live in Argentina you must not only have one of the types of residence established by law but if you want to enjoy other benefits once on Argentine soil such as buying a house, opening a bank account and also working you have to know these documents.

DNI- National Identity Document

This document contains all the information about your identity and through it, you will obtain a personal ID number. This DNI number is vital for any contract.

To process it, it is necessary to register in the National Registry of Persons closest to where you are living and it must be done in the first 90 days of your arrival in the South American country.


- Passport or Certificate of Nationality that is valid with which your identity can be accredited.

-Document of your residence: It can be the temporary, which must have a minimum of 60 days valid when you go to perform the process; or the permanent one, issued by the National Migration Directorate.


If you are a foreigner and also under 16 years of age you need to register the Birth Certificate previously legalized with Apostille, as well as the visa of the Argentine Consulate in the country issuing the document or in the case of the member countries of the Common Market of the South (Mercosur ) and other associated states the one delivered by the Consulate of the issuing country in Argentina.

The validity of this document is 15 years in case you are over 14 years of age.

CUIL- Unique Identification of Labor Code

It is a work identification number granted by the National Administration of National Security (ANSES) with the intention of keeping track of your pension contributions, just as you can access Family Allowances. It is also used to carry out paperwork in other banks, public entities, automotive registrations.

Those foreigners who wish to work in Argentina need to generate a temporary CUIL, after having completed the migration procedures. And it is that after getting the DNI for foreigners or naturalized people it is up to them to process the final CUIL making the request of the unification with the provisional one.

Through the CUIL, which is a tax identification number, companies withhold income tax and transfer it to the government. To be included in the payroll of any company, all foreigners need CUIL, which also allows them to conduct business and government transactions.

Foreigners who temporarily reside in Argentine territory and who do not have an Argentine identification document must enter a type of identification, as well as a copy of the National Certificate of Population and Migration (DNPyM), or an entry permit that is granted by the Argentine consulate, or through an international agreement.

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