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The Cheapest Places to Live in Europe

In the quest for affordable living, Europe offers hidden gems that balance cost-effectiveness with quality of life. Whether you're a digital nomad, retiree, or simply seeking a budget-friendly lifestyle, these European destinations deserve your attention.


Portugal, an EU member state, defies expectations with its budget-friendly charm. Despite its European status, it remains one of the continent's most economical countries. From scenic coastal cities to historic towns, Portugal's diversity comes with varying costs of living. A comfortable life can be enjoyed for around $2,500 per month, covering housing, transportation, and entertainment. Accessible healthcare services and a welcoming expat community further enhance its appeal.


Nestled in Northern Europe, Latvia offers both historical intrigue and contemporary urban living. Riga, its capital, boasts UNESCO-recognized charm and a vibrant cultural scene. For those conscious of their spending, Latvia is a perfect fit. With a modest monthly budget of under $1,000, you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without sacrificing quality. Affordable housing, abundant dining options, and a rich cultural heritage make Latvia an affordable European gem.


The allure of Tbilisi, Georgia's capital, extends beyond its charming streets. This Eastern European destination combines affordability with a welcoming atmosphere. Housing costs range from €250 to €700, catering to a variety of budgets. Georgia's culinary offerings delight the senses without straining your wallet. An average meal at a good Georgian restaurant can cost under €20, making daily living expenses remarkably reasonable.


Slovenia, nestled in Central Europe, offers a blend of natural beauty and modern amenities. Known for its safety and picturesque landscapes, Slovenia is an attractive choice for those seeking affordability without compromising on quality. Rent prices start at €570, and the country's well-regarded universal healthcare system ensures peace of mind. Opting for local markets can further reduce your grocery expenses, allowing you to enjoy a balanced and cost-effective lifestyle.


The allure of Montenegro lies in its Mediterranean climate and stunning Adriatic coastline. This Balkan gem offers a comfortable life at an affordable cost. With a monthly budget of approximately €1,000, you can live comfortably in Montenegro. Rent for a one-bedroom apartment typically starts at around €500, providing accessible options for various preferences and needs.

Europe isn't just a destination for high-cost living; it's also a treasure trove of budget-friendly opportunities. From the historic streets of Latvia to the coastal charm of Portugal, these destinations offer quality living without straining your finances. Embrace the affordability of Europe while enjoying its rich history, diverse cultures, and picturesque landscapes.

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