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Paraguay: The next Bitcoin investment cradle

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We have already talked about cryptomining in Paraguay, a trend that is growing really fast because of the easy access to a citizen by investment it allows.

Fortunately for you, we are going to list some important topics that should awaken your interest regarding investing in mining Bitcoin in Paraguay.

But before listing them, if you are already considering investing in the country, contact us! Our specialised team can help you with any concerns you may have. Click here.

Why BTC in Paraguay?

- Cheap renewable energy, we know that BTC has been criticised because of the contamination that mining it causes. So having hydroelectric energy in the country favours it.

- An excess of energy, this is because Paraguay has a big hydroelectric dam connected with Brazil.

- Low cost mining, because of the hydroelectric dam and it excess of energy, mining Crypto has a low cost.

- It is easy to import equipment for mining because the country allows unrestricted equipment entry.

Obviously these are just some of the benefits that mining BTC in Paraguay has. Investing in it has a huge potential for new income diversification for an individual or a group.

Let's remember that crypto mining involves a huge responsibility for you, keeping your wallet secure to protect your investment, and remembering that it is not just about setting up the miner to start solving mathematical problems that as humans we couldn't do on our own.

Also, keep in mind that El Salvador has shown us that it was a great idea to make Bitcoin an official currency in the country, allowing to see more investors in the country and experience benefits that would lead to the boom of miners there, perhaps an idea that could be seen in Paraguay one day as well!

So, if you are interested in finding out more about Paraguay and its opportunities to mining BTC, contact us today! Below this article you will find a link to set up a free fifteen-minute consultation with us to discuss your options further.

Also, if you want to access our other great content, subscribe to our YouTube channel! At Creimerman, our team of professional global citizens would be happy to help you with your personal or professional cross-border ventures and help make them a success.


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