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Banking in Portugal: An In-Depth Overview

Portugal, a country of 10.19 million people located on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe, boasts a rich history of exploration and trade. It was once synonymous with famous explorers like Vasco da Gama and Ferdinand Magellan. Today, it is a multicultural democracy and a key member of the European Union.

As a popular expat destination, Portugal attracts retirees from Northern Europe and North America seeking warm weather and affordable living. With a similar climate to Spain, Portugal offers a relatively low cost of living and a higher standard of English fluency.

How is the economy situation?

Portugal boasts a balanced, multi-sector economy that encompasses services, heavy industry, agriculture, forestry, and fishing. Its central bank is the Banco de Portugal, and as a member of the Eurozone since 1999, it is also regulated by the European Central Bank.

Banking Overview

Many Portuguese banks cater to non-residents and allow registration with a foreign address. However, some are exclusive to Portuguese residents or citizens, requiring careful consideration for prospective customers. US citizens should also confirm whether a bank accepts American clients and address related tax considerations.

Most Portuguese banks offer online and mobile banking, with some providing remote account opening options. However, obtaining a Portuguese tax number (NIF number) is necessary for opening a bank account.

Portugal is part of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), facilitating easier international money transfers within Europe. There may be additional fees for transfers outside Europe.

What are the mayor portugese banks?

Portugal's history as a global trading nation has contributed to a significant banking sector. Some notable Portuguese banks include:

  1. Activo Bank: A private bank operated by the Millennium BCP Group, offering digital banking services and crypto-friendly accounts for US citizens.

  2. Banco de Investimento Global (BiG): A privately-owned bank headquartered in Lisbon, providing retail, private, and corporate banking.

  3. Banco Montepio: A private Portuguese bank offering investment products and crypto-friendly accounts.

  4. Banco Português de Investimento (BPI): One of the largest banks in Portugal, owned by Spain's CaixaBank, and offering a wide range of services.

  5. Caixa Geral de Depósitos: A state-owned bank in Lisbon, the largest in Portugal, offering retail, corporate, and private banking services.

  6. Millennium BCP: The largest private bank in Portugal, providing retail, commercial, and private banking, along with real estate and insurance services.

  7. Novobanco: Established in 2014 following the restructuring of Banco Espírito Santo, offering retail and investment banking, but not available to US citizens.

International Banks in Portugal

In addition to local banks, several global banking giants operate in Portugal, including:

  1. Abanca: A Spanish-owned bank with retail, commercial, financing, investment, and insurance services.

  2. Banco Santander Totta: A Portuguese commercial bank owned by Spain's Banco Santander, offering retail, private, and corporate banking.

  3. Barclays Bank: A British bank offering investment banking services in Lisbon.

  4. BNP Paribas: With offices in Lisbon and Porto, it provides commercial and investment services.

  5. Citi Portugal: The Lisbon-based office of the American Citigroup bank, specializing in corporate and investment banking.

  6. Deutsche Bank: The Portuguese subsidiary of the global banking giant, offering corporate and investment services.

How to Open a Bank Account in Portugal?

To open a basic, current account in Portugal, you will need:

1. Valid ID (such as your passport)

2. Proof of address (a recent utility bill)

3. A NIF number (Portuguese tax number)

The NIF number is essential for various transactions in Portugal, and obtaining it should be a priority for non-residents. As bureaucracy in Portugal can be complex, seeking expert assistance can streamline the process.

As interest in Portugal has surged due to the closure of its golden visa program, it is advisable to prepare documentation in advance. Consulting with experienced professionals can help you navigate the banking process smoothly, allowing you to enjoy all that Portugal has to offer.

Whether you are considering relocating to Portugal, opening a bank account, or exploring investment opportunities, our dedicated team can provide guidance and support tailored to your needs. Don't hesitate to reach out and discuss your best options in Portugal.

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