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Argentina: Soybeans, technology and innovation

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Continuing with our theme for this week, Argentine agriculture, it is impossible not to mention the soybean industry in more detail. Even though it is a topic I’m sure most of us are not really that familiar with, sometimes unchartered territory is the most exciting! Also, the ever-changing relationship between different industries following the COVID-19 pandemic means that the soybean industry is in need of new innovative measures to make sure it can stay as one of the leading sectors of the Argentine economy, a potentially exciting prospect for investors overseas looking to diversify their projects or even relocate to Latin America.

Soybean industry in Argentina

If you’re still wondering what the hype is about soybeans, let’s put the industry into some figures to show just why it’s such a big deal. Firstly, 60% of the world’s supply of soybean biofuel and 40% of the global soybean oil and soymeal production all comes from Argentina, big proportions and so a big reputation on the world stage. Bearing these numbers in mind, the estimates that they will increase by 5.7% and 4.6% respectively this year in terms of volume is staggering, showing that even with global unprecedented setbacks, the industry is not one to be stopped.

What are my business opportunities?

So, Argentina is presenting itself as a country open to new development in the agriculture industry, whether it be for making the process of soybean production easier, or more profitable. One of these ways is by using modified, pest-resistant soybean seeds to protect the harvest, and while it has already been implemented, it serves as an example of the innovation welcomed by the Latin American nation.

We’ve spoken many times about residency by investment in Argentina, and as one of our specialties, we help our clients relocate through schemes such as this regularly. So, with such potential on show in agriculture, it seems like a great opportunity for foreign investors involved in technology to set their sights on Argentina’s soybeans!

Another exciting project comes in the form of ‘Agrotokens’, a digitalisation of seeds, including soybeans, which makes the sourcing and exchange process remote and fast. These are two key factors to maximising productivity and profit, and with interest in cryptocurrency and NFTs through the roof at the moment, as you’ll all know from our recent posts, this is a very interesting potential avenue for investment in a country where agriculture is central to exports and the economy in general.

Also, as with all blockchain technology, it’s safe and secure which obviously gives you peace of mind, meaning if you’re an investor looking to get involved in a business that’s already established and using ‘Agrotokens’, you can be sure your assets are in good hands! The tokens also counter the risk of inflation, so if this had been putting you off getting involved, perhaps now you can see how the benefits are piling up and making investment this year look increasingly attractive.

So, if you are interested in finding out more, contact us today! Below this article you will find a link to set up a free fifteen-minute consultation with us to discuss your options further.

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