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Argentina: Could the wine industry be your next big move?

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Wine is something I’m sure most of us know something about, whether its personal preference or detailed knowledge of the production process. This accessibility is partly what makes it such an interesting topic to explore, especially in Argentina, a nation where wine reputation reaches across the world! Yesterday we touched on how Argentine wine and NFTs are getting familiar with one another, but the opportunities for investment and innovation don’t just stop there, if you’re looking to diversify your projects in 2022, perhaps this is your perfect choice, and one you maybe hadn’t considered before.

Argentine wine market

Before introducing you to all the information related to the Argentine wine market, if you are considering options to develop potential business,contact us!. Our specialized team can help you with all your concerns. Click here.

As one of the nations that supplies the majority of the global demand for wine, it is no surprise that exports from Argentina reach almost US$800 million each year, a very impressive figure, and one which turns the heads of many investors as a sector with potential returns to be found. In 2020, there were 214.8 hectares of land entirely dedicated to wine production in the country, and, while the pandemic has obviously not been much help to the sector, it has not stopped it, and if anything has meant more innovation is needed now to get going again at maximum output.

What are my business opportunities?

You may be wondering, where is all the wine coming from? And to answer your question, most of it comes from Mendoza, at high altitudes and placed within the mountains, it is not only perfect for wine production, but also a picturesque and perfect location to relocate to.

As we mentioned in another article, Argentina does have residency programs which require the opening of a business, and so it is not out of the question for investors to look into their options for doing so within the world of wine.

Anyway, growth in popularity in the region started in the 19 th century, when its climate and stable seasonal cycle was noted and presented itself as perfect for wine production and seen as how not much has changed since then, the reliability to be found in Mendoza has not been surpassed by anywhere else in the region.

As we touched on before, NFTs can be integrated into this side of life to represent real assets, and so Bodega Costaflores, for example, put codes on their bottles which lead to an opportunity to provide some feedback and in return get a unique NFT, incentivising the purchasing of their products.

This is exciting as the innovative engagement stimulates all aspects of the supply chain, from increased demand meaning more needs to be produced, to increased exports to keep up with such a demand. Also, it’s good for reputation, so if you’re an investor looking to get involved in Argentina, perhaps NFTs could somehow form part of your proposal for business when looking to obtain your residency, get in touch with us and we’ll look into your options with you!.

Something else which has happened in other parts of the world is using NFTs to represent special editions of drinks, something which could well take off in Argentina given the calibre of wine being produced in Mendoza. This basically involves giving an NFT to the buyer which acts as collateral and can be traded in for the physical asset at any time.

So, if you are interested in finding out more about wine and the opportunities to develop it as a business, contact us today! Below this article you will find a link to set up a free fifteen-minute consultation with us to discuss your options further.

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