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Immigration advice in Argentina: Documentation necessary to leave the country.

When leaving the Argentine territory, it is necessary to verify the required documentation that is needed.

Argentines citizens must use their ID or passport for Mercosur destinations and their associated States. Traveling to the Extra-Mercosur States, Passport and its respective Visa are required, if necessary.

On the other hand, in the case of Residents Foreigners, they can travel to Mercosur countries and their associates with their ID or Passport, if it is outside those territories, the Passport is essential.

While foreigners who entered as “temporary” or “transitory” and are exceeded in their authorized period of staying, the “Habilitación de Salida” must be transacted in Migration services.

When it comes to traveling with children under 18 years old, in addition to the document, depending on whether Mercosur or Extramercosur countries are being visited, different authorizations are required according to various possibilities:

- If both parents travel with the underage, proving the parental bond or if the child’s ID contains the filiation data of both parents, is enough

- When traveling with one of the parents, in addition to proving the parental bond, the authorization of the absent parent is required.

-If both parents are teenagers, in addition to their consent, any parent of the adolescent from both sides, must give consent.

In case of any consent is missing or was not given, a judicial authorization will be required.

-If the underage travels accompanied by his guardian or curator, the respective Judicial

The resolution must be accredited; the designation/acceptance of the guardian or curator, and must be presented legalized and certified and, if necessary, translated into Spanish, legalized or apostilled.

In either case, if one or both parents cannot or don’t want to give their consent, Judicial Authorization will be necessary.

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