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Situated in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta enjoys an excellent reputation for its splendid climate, friendly people, low crime rate, and superb quality of life. An attractive place in which to live or own a second home, Malta also has excellent air links.

Malta is a very attractive location for private residence. The island nation enjoys a stable political climate and is strategically located, with excellent air links. The Malta Permanent Residence Programme offers non-Maltese persons the possibility of acquiring a European residence permit in an EU country and visa-free travel within Europe’s Schengen Area.

This country has risen to be one of Europe’s leading investment locations, driven by its reputation for stability, predictability, and security. The Malta Permanent Residence Programme grants residence rights to foreign nationals seeking an alternative residence in Europe.

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Minimum contribution of EUR 175,000 mixed capital requirements

Processing time of 4 - 6 months from submission of the application to approva

The right to freedom of movement to Malta and the rest of the EU and Europe’s Schengen Area

Only for first 5 years

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Investment options:

The following application requirements must be met to qualify for the program:

• A property purchase of EUR 350,000 (EUR 300,000 in South Malta or Gozo), or a property lease of EUR 12,000 per annum (EUR 10,000 in South Malta or Gozo). • A contribution of EUR 28,000 to the Maltese economy if the residential property is purchased, or EUR 58,000 if the property is leased. • A donation to a non-governmental organization of EUR 2,000. • A non-refundable administration fee of EUR 40,000.

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The country's digital nomad visa is called Nomad Residence Permit and allows non-EU remote workers to live and work in Malta for a full year and it can be renewed.

Am I eligible to apply?


Every digital nomad can apply for this opportunity but there are a few requirements to follow:

Applicants need to be nationals of a third country ( except the European Union, the EEA and Switzerland. And, any sanctioned country).

- You have to earn a minimum monthly income of 2,700 euros per month for the previous 3 months.

- Proof of health insurance.

- Acquire a valid property rental or purchase agreement.

- Pass a background check.

- Payment of the fee of 300 euros.

Digital Nomad Visa

Steps to follow

Step 1 - Preliminary Check:

Our specialized team will review the documentation submitted to verify that the immigration requirements are met. In addition, we will verify the transparency of investment funds. As a result, we will have a background check report and signed contract.

Step 2 - Choose of Investment:

You must select the investment option that most convinces and suits you, so that later we can start the process. If you decide to obtain residency through real estate investment, we will help you choose your property based on your needs and desires.

Step 3 - Preparation of documents and sending to the corresponding agency:

We take care of everything: we obtain the criminal record certificates, we fill out and complete the government forms, we certify the documents before a notary, we do the translation and apostille everything (this service has a separate cost), and then we send it to the residence. We present your documents independently and with strict compliance with the requirements, as well as monitoring the progress of the application. As a result, we will confirm the receipt of the documents by the government.

Step 4 - Due Diligence check:

Once the residency agency receives all the documents, the applicant's background check begins. In the event that additional documents are required during verification, we will handle those requests.

Step 5 - Case Investigation:

We look forward to a positive resolution and receive the new documents together with you. If necessary, we can also help you with other operational, commercial and even domestic matters (including the arrangements of additional documents).

Step 6 - Receiving residency:

When the investment and all fees are paid, you receive the certificate of residence. Then, these documents are sent to you, so that after the wait, you can start enjoying them.

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Does this residency allow me to obtain citizenship?

Unfortunately, you can't obtain citizenship but the Malta Permanent Residence Programme offers non-Maltese persons the possibility of acquiring a European residence permit in an EU country and visa-free travel within Europe’s Schengen Area.

For how long will I have the residence?

If you access this program you would have the right to reside indefinitely in Malta.

What documents are required?

• A completed application form with a photograph. • A copy of your passport. • Documents that prove your income is legal. For example an employment contract. • Certificates of no criminal records. • Health insurance policy. • Payment documents confirming the payment of state duties and fees. • Documents confirming the fulfillment of the investment conditions stipulated in the application.

Can I bring my family in this experience?

Yes, you can come with: • Spouse or partner. • Dependent (unmarried) children of any age. • Dependent parents and grandparents.

Is dual citizenship accepted in Malta?

Yes, you are allowed to have another citizenship without the requirement to renounce Maltese citizenship.

With what currency must the residency programs be paid?

This residency program should be paid in euros.

How does the Malta government view cryptocurrencies?

Malta has become the first and only country to introduce an organized framework for cryptocurrency use. Three bills have been signed into law, and they are expected to change the way people see and use cryptocurrencies in the country.

Can the residence be purchased with an investment in Real Estate?

Yes, Malta offers you an attractive place in which to live or own a second home.

In what cases can my application be rejected?

Most of the applications are authorized, however there are some reasons why you may have difficulty with this residency. Such us: • Having criminal records. • Lack of documentation. • Do not meet the minimum required time in the country.

The main applicant must go to Malta?

No, the application can be submitted remotely to the Residency Malta Agency (the government agency responsible for applications).

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