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Intellectual Property Lawyers


Let intellectual property lawyers secure your patents, trademarks, and copyrights Intellectual property lawyers help make sure your original work is protected from unauthorized reproduction or use. If you’ve come up with an original musical or artistic composition, invented a new product, or design a new process that has commercial value, online intellectual property lawyers can advise you on the best way to keep your work secure and maximize its commercial value. The law treats different types of intellectual property, or “IP,” differently, so it’s important that you consider all of your legal options.

If you’ve discovered a new way of doing things or invented a new product, a patent lawyer can help you maximize the commercial value of your work by drafting and filing patent applications. Likewise, if you’ve created an original piece of artistic or written work then an online copyright lawyer would be the right person to consult with. Even if your business doesn’t typically involve new inventions or creative works, you may find yourself needing the help of a trademark lawyer to prevent competitors from ripping off your brand or getting ahold of your trade secrets. Creimerman Law understands that you need the best IP lawyers, but you don’t always have access to intellectual property services at an affordable rate. Our company provides access to online legal services that you can use to ensure your intellectual property is protected.

Trademarks Lawyers

Registering a trademark protects a company’s name, logo or slogan from infringement by competitors. A registered trademark will give a company the exclusive right to use a certain “mark” in the marketplace. It’s important to speak with a top trademark lawyer to check whether your mark is already registered as well as to properly submit the application in order to avoid office actions.


Copyright Lawyers


The purpose of registering a copyright is to protect an author’s expression of ideas. Copyrights are used for things like books or plays or any type of art, but also extends to computer software as well. By registering a copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office, the author has the exclusive right to copy and reproduce the work so that it will not be infringed upon. An online copyright lawyer can help protect your original work quickly and affordably.

Provisional Patent Lawyers

This type of patent is an effective and relatively cost-friendly way to safeguard your invention for a year while you decide whether to file a utility patent application. Importantly, a provisional patent application does not apply to design patents. Working with a provisional patent attorney provides an expedient and efficient way to establish a priority date for an invention with the USPTO.


Design Patent Lawyers


A design patent attorney will help you protect the unique shape, look, and form of a product. A design patent application does not cover the usefulness of your invention like a utility patent, but instead focuses on the ornamental design of the invention. Getting a patent on your design is smart way to enhance the value of your product. Hiring a design patent lawyer to help you with the process saves time and reduces the chances of messing up the application.

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