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Make the most of immigration.
Open the market overseas.

We offer holistic, legal strategies to successful entrepreneurs and investors to reduce their tax bill, grow wealth overseas, and become global citizens.


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Immigration Services

Our group is dedicated to providing excellent immigration services. We know how to help you to expand your company to another country.
Including, assisting you and your family move for work, investments and logistics.

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Legal & Tax Solutions

A lawyer team can provide you legal and tax advice in several areas of industries,for individuals or companies.

Let us know your needs to bring you a customized solution.

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Investment Planning

Here you can find a way to improve your incomes, reduce tax bills and grow wealth overseas. We are the right partner to develop your business potential, enhance your performance, innovate and sustain growth in Latam.

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Our work process


You can schedule a 15' free call with us, so we can help you to find the best strategy for your needs by a feasibility study of your case and even if the deal is closed, you don't have to pay the full amount at the beginning.


At Creimerman, you have communication full time via email or WhatsApp with our group and also biweekly meetings with our CEO and team leaders.

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Latin America is a fantastic place to invest and live, however as a foreign investor obtaining a business visa can be a challenge. I am very glad I was referred to Creimerman Law, who took charge and led me through all the steps needed to obtain my permanent residency and ID card. The team is professional, friendly, and I would highly recommend their services!"

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Feidhlim, Australia.

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