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Dominica is a mountainous, forested Caribbean island nation with a year-round tropical climate, national parks, rare indigenous birds and the second-largest boiling lake in the world. It has significant tourism potential, but poor infrastructure and the absence of a large airport have impeded the industry's growth.

The country is also vulnerable to hurricanes. With few natural resources, Dominica is attempting to reduce its reliance on bananas, traditionally its main export earner. The banana market has faced stiffer competition since the European Union was forced by the World Trade Organization to phase out preferential treatment for producers from former colonies.

The peace and quiet, the fresh air, the colours, the heritage, and the embrace of nature, all combine to make Dominica an inspirational place for writers, artists, photographers and researchers. Unlike mainstream Caribbean islands, Dominica does not have sprawling and crowded beach resort.

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Minimal investment of usd 100.000

No tax on your global incomes

Dual citizenship allow

The possibility to bring your family along with you with citizenship

What makes Dominica different ?

No tax on your global incomes

If you don’t reside in the country, your income won’t be taxed. In other words, if you aren’t a resident, Dominica’s officials won’t come after your income.


Optimize your taxes

There is no wealth, gift, inheritance, or capital gains tax in Dominica.

Dual citizenship

You can enjoy a Dominica passport and remain a citizen of another country or countries. Along with your Dominica citizenship, you will get the ability to vote and purchase property, as well as the possibility to live and work in Dominica.

Visa Free-Access

This program allows you to travel throughout  145 countries.

‘Fast’ citizenship

You don’t need to pass history or language exams or have an interview in order to obtain a Dominican passport.

Bring the family

Your dependent children under the age of 30 can be added to your Dominica citizenship by investment application. You can also add dependent parents and grandparents over the age of 55.

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Investment options:

Government Fund

To qualify for Dominica citizenship by investment under this option, this non-refundable monetary contributions must be made to the Economic Diversification Fund: • Single applicant - USD $100,000. • Main applicant and spouse - USD $150,000 - Main applicant, spouse, and up to 2 children - USD $175,000. • Additional dependents - USD $25,000 each. • Eligible siblings 18 to 25 - USD $50,000 each.

Real Estate

• To qualify for Dominican citizenship under the real estate investment option, you must buy approved real estate in the country for at least USD $200,000 and maintain ownership for a minimum of three years. If you maintain ownership for five years, you are eligible to re-sell the property under the citizenship by investment program.

Steps to follow

Step 1 - Preliminary Check:

Our specialized team will review the documentation submitted to verify that the immigration requirements are met. In addition, we will verify the transparency of investment funds. As a result, we will have a background check report and signed contract.

Step 2 - Choose of Investment:

You must select the investment option that most convinces and suits you, so that later we can start the process. If you decide to obtain citizenship through real estate investment, we will help you choose your property based on your needs and desires.

Step 3 - Preparation of documents and sending to the corresponding agency:

We take care of everything: we obtain the criminal record certificates, we fill out and complete the government forms, we certify the documents before a notary, we do the translation and apostille everything (this service has a separate cost), and then we send it to the citizenship. We present your documents independently and with strict compliance with the requirements, as well as monitoring the progress of the application. As a result, we will confirm the receipt of the documents by the government.

Step 4 - Due Diligence check:

Once the citizenship agency receives all the documents, the applicant's background check begins. In the event that additional documents are required during verification, we will handle those requests.

Step 5 - Case Investigation:

We look forward to a positive resolution and receive the new documents together with you. If necessary, we can also help you with other operational, commercial and even domestic matters (including the arrangements of additional documents).

Step 6 - Receiving Passports:

When the investment and all fees are paid, you receive the certificate of citizenship and the Passport Then, these documents are sent to you, so that after the wait, you can start enjoying them.

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Who is eligible to apply for Dominica citizenship by investment?

A person older than 18, with a solid economic standing, good health, and no criminal record can apply for Dominica citizenship by investment.

Do I have to pay taxes in Dominica?

If you don’t reside in Dominica, you will not be liable to pay any taxes on your worldwide income. If you, however, choose to become a tax resident, keep in mind that Dominica does charge income tax on income generated within the island.

How much is the processing time?

3 months.

What documents are required?

• A completed application form with a photograph. ​• A copy of your passport. ​• Documents that prove your income is legal. For example a employment contract. ​• Certificates of no criminal records. ​• Health insurance policy. ​• Payment documents confirming the payment of state duties and fees. ​• Documents confirming the fulfillment of the investment conditions stipulated in the application.

Is dual citizenship accepted in Dominica?

Yes, Dominica does allow dual citizenship.

With what currency must the residency programs be paid?

This program should be paid in dollars.

How strong is the Dominica visa?

The right of free movement and visa-free access to 145 destinations worldwide.

Can I bring my family in this experience?

Yes, this visa allows you to bring a spouse, unmarried children under 31 who are substantially dependent on the main applicant, and parents and grandparents aged 65 and older, as well as to add dependents after citizenship has been granted to the main applicant.

Can citizenship be purchased with an investment in Real Estate?

Yes, there is a real estate option to get this citizenship.

In what cases can my application be rejected?

Most of the applications are authorized, however there are some reasons why you may have difficulty with this residency. Such us: ​• Having criminal records. ​• Lack of documentation. ​• Do not meet the minimum time in the country.

The main applicant must go to Dominica?

No. You won’t have to travel to or become a resident in Dominica to apply for its economic citizenship.

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