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Argentina Residency
in just a 7-day 
in-Person Process

Discover, in 50 seconds, how you can get it.

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Why Argentina?


PROCESSING TIME - 5 to 6 months

CITIZENSHIP - Only 2 years to obtain it


To lease out a property and charge a monthly rent to a tenant, it is necessary to have both a title deed and a lease agreement in place.


Shares in a company, whether it be a publicly listed company or a privately owned company owned by the applicant, can provide monthly income or dividends.

They offer one of the easiest and cheapest visas and passive income residency opportunities in the world.

DURATION - 3 Years and available for renewal

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Thank you for your message!

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Let's Talk

A Simplified Process. You Come Here, We Take Care Of The Rest.

Traditional Way

You must speak proficient Spanish to communicate with government agents.

You are another application in a stack of papers (waitlist can be 8-12 months).

You arrive in Argentina and you are alone. Talk to local taxis to drop you somewhere you've never been before.

You have to figure out where to get the documents, where to sign them, and where to submit them.

You have to call to local numbers and set the appointments (in Spanish) or deal with an obsolete website to book your time online.

After 40+ hours of research and helpless in Argentina, you might end up paying an expert to do it with you.

With My Team

I am a native Spanish speaker + the team is fully Argentinian. We handle all the documents translations for you.

With the right contacts, your application can be processed a week after we start.

You arrive in Argentina and we pick you up at the airport to drive you safely to the stay you chose (with no booking fees).

We have all your documents ready and the appointments booked in 3 consecutive days. You only show up, sign docs, and you're done.

We have priority access to appointments. We can even get in 1 day what other immigration services take 3-4 weeks.

You paid to save time, made more money meanwhile, and did not have a single headache. Your Argentina Tax Residence has been seamless.

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Why Argentina is perfect for Sovereign Individuals

Family friendly

You can include your spouse and  children under 25 years of age.


You can apply for citizenship after only 2 years ( Temporary No ).

Simple and straightforward residency application process

Access to free health and education services


One of the safest countries in Latin America.

7 Days in Person.

Fast access to citizenship.

What is the Rentists Visa?

"Visa Rentista" is a term used in some countries, including Argentina, to refer to a type of visa or residence permit that is granted to individuals who intend to temporarily reside in the country without the need to work.

In Argentina, the Rentista Visa is granted to foreigners who have sufficient income and can demonstrate that they do not need to work in Argentina to support themselves during their stay in the country.

To obtain this visa, you must demonstrate sufficient income to live in Argentina for one year. The current minimum amount required is $1000 USD per month. This can be through passive income such as investments, rentals, or pensions. in addition to demonstrating a stable monthly income, you can also prove that you have sufficient funds in your bank account.

The requirements

Prove a monthly income of at least 1000 USD from a guaranteed source.

If you are a business owner. You must be a shareholder in your company and be able to show that you receive dividends on those shares that allow you to earn income.

List of options that can be used as a source of income.

Have a property to rent and charge a monthly fee for that property, in which case a title deed and a lease are required.

Shares in a company, whether owned or not, can be a company listed on the stock exchange or a company owned by the applicant that provides monthly income.

To receive a pension or retirement from a third country (not in Argentina).


What is the Investors Residencies?

For this program Creimerman offers an incredible opportunity. Instead of going through the complicated process of submitting an investment plan, as required by other residency by investment programs, you have the opportunity to obtain residency in Argentina by investing just USD 20,000 in a local company.

Options of investment

Invest in a company already operating in Argentina and obtain the residency through the investment sponsor.

The purchase of a real estate property for at least 150.000 USD.

Create your own company and invest in that company the required amount of 50.000 USD.

After only 2 years of residency, you can apply for citizenship. This means that the visa granted through this program is enough to meet the requirements for citizenship.


You are 5 Steps away from living in Argentina

Fill out the form and start the process with us.

Obtain the required documents. We'll validate them for you before your visit.

Book your flight. Come to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Attend your appointment at the Immigration Department to present all the documentation, accompanied by a member of our team, and obtain your temporary residency permit (PRECARIA).

Deposit 1000 USD monthly into the country. We assist you in obtaining your tax identification code and opening your bank account in Argentina so you can make the transfer.

Return to Argentina every three months (approximately) to renew your temporary residency, and in less than 8 months, you will have your residency approved.







Choose Your
Argentina Residency Plan

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Time: 3 to 4 months 

Duration: 1 year with renewal

No investing needed

Rentista Residency

From 1.000 USD


Time: 2 to 3 months 

Duration: 3 year with renewal

Tax Friendly country

Investors Residencies

From 20.000 USD

Add-ons in Argentina


Monthly Tax Filing for a year




Proof of Address

We assist you in obtaining your proof of address certificate signed by the notary public from our team


Argentina Bank Accounts

Santander Personal Bank

Best Cards

Dollar and Pesos


Argentina Driving Licenses

One week

Car and Motorcycle

DHL mail once approved


Argentina Investment and Real Estate

Access to the best network of developers

Real Estate connections



What my clients say


Does this residency allow me to obtain citizenship? As a resident in Argentina, you can apply for citizenship after only two years, a much shorter period than most other countries with citizenship by naturalization schemes.


For how long will I have the residence? The visa has a validity of 1 year, renewable up to 3 years.

What documents are required? • Affidavit regarding criminal records. • Original Police Clearance Certificate. • Evidence of Residential Address. • One passport-size photo. • Original or Certified copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable). • Original or Certified copy of Birth Certificate (if applicable). • Statement of Source of Funds. • Investment Plan. • Business Plan. • Curriculum Vitae. • Evidence of Business Background. (All documents must be duly translated into Spanish).

Is dual citizenship accepted in Argentina? You can hold the passport as a second nationality, meaning dual nationality is permitted.

Is Argentina safe? Argentina is considered one of the safest countries in South America. Nonetheless, you should keep your eyes open when visiting cities like Rosario, Córdoba, or Mendoza.

With what currency must the residency programs be paid? The programs should be paid in the argentina currency that is pesos.

Can I bring my family in this experience? Yes, This residency includes the applicant, his/her spouse, and children under 25 years of age.

Can the residence be purchased with an investment in Real Estate? Yes, you can obtain permanent residency through a real estate purchase in Argentina.

In what cases can my application be rejected? Most of the applications are authorized, however there are some reasons why you may have difficulty with this residency. Such us: • Having criminal records. • Lack of documentation. • Do not meet the minimum required time in the country.

The main applicant must go to Argentina? Yes, you would have to travel to Argentina to apply for this residency.


Get Your Residency in Argentina

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