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The small Balkan nation of Slovenia became independent in 1991 and joined the European Union in 2004, 3 years later becoming a member of the Schengen Area. Positioned in between Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary, Slovenia is one of the most geographically gifted nations in Europe.

The country features picturesque mountainous terrain along with gorgeous Alpine Valleys and a vast network of rivers leading to pristine lakes and a slice of the gorgeous Adriatic Sea.

Slovenia is a peaceful nation and offers a business friendly and entrepreneurial environment along with a much more reasonable cost of living compared to its neighbours. An ideal base in Europe, Slovenia residents benefit from visa-free travel to the Schengen Area, high quality healthcare and education.

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Residency in a safe and secure EU nation

Eligible to apply for PR after 5 years of residency. Citizenship after another 5

Moderate 19% Corporate Tax Rate

Low Cost Residency Solution

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Investment options:

How to qualify

Register an LTD company and invest a minimum founding capital of 7,500 EUR. To qualify for residency the applicant must then meet one of the following 3 requirements: • Make an investment of 50,000 EUR into fixed assets for their Company. • Employ a Slovenian Citizen or EU National on a full time basis for a minimum of 6 months. • Turnover at least 10,000 EUR in revenues for a minimum of 6 consecutive months.

Steps to follow

Step 1 - Preliminary Check:

Our specialized team will review the documentation submitted to verify that the immigration requirements are met. In addition, we will verify the transparency of investment funds. As a result, we will have a background check report and signed contract.

Step 2 - Choose of Investment:

You must select the investment option that most convinces and suits you, so that later we can start the process. If you decide to obtain residency through real estate investment, we will help you choose your property based on your needs and desires.

Step 3 - Preparation of documents and sending to the corresponding agency:

We take care of everything: we obtain the criminal record certificates, we fill out and complete the government forms, we certify the documents before a notary, we do the translation and apostille everything (this service has a separate cost), and then we send it to the residence. We present your documents independently and with strict compliance with the requirements, as well as monitoring the progress of the application. As a result, we will confirm the receipt of the documents by the government.

Step 4 - Due Diligence check:

Once the residency agency receives all the documents, the applicant's background check begins. In the event that additional documents are required during verification, we will handle those requests.

Step 5 - Case Investigation:

We look forward to a positive resolution and receive the new documents together with you. If necessary, we can also help you with other operational, commercial and even domestic matters (including the arrangements of additional documents).

Step 6 - Receiving residency:

When the investment and all fees are paid, you receive the certificate of residence. Then, these documents are sent to you, so that after the wait, you can start enjoying them.

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